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by - July 30, 2013

SM Megamall now has Chili's!!  Yay!  I've been dragging Kris to this resto and surprisingly, we ended up eating there for 2 consecutive weeks.  #notcoolsaysmywallet  But no regrets, because we had a good time and our flabby tummy loved the food!

I don't have anything bad to say about their service.  The ambiance was very nice too.  Cozy.  Very nice place to hang out indeed.  I recommend visiting them on weekdays.  Why?  Its because of their 999 promo!  Check this out.

For just 999, you get 1 appetizer and 2 full-size entrees!  Ready to see what we tried?

Wings Over Buffalo

Not happy about this dish.  The only one I didn't enjoy.  

Monterey Chicken
Love love love!  If you're a first timer too, I suggest to try this one.  
Chicken perfectly cooked.  There's bacon too!  What more can you ask for?  :)

Mashed Potato
The only recipe that won my heart.  HAHA!  

Bacon Burger

A tip, don't choose "well-done".  A heads up, this one's a big heavy burger. #YOLOmeal

They also gave us this coupon.  Free Classic Nachos on our next visit!  And after answering their survey online, we got another one - Free Wings!

The week after, we went to the Greenbelt branch for dinner and few drinks.  You can't say no to a #YOLOmeal or #FeelsLikeYourLastmeal after a tiring activity.  In our case, football game.  Agree?   
Forgot the exact name, but I think it's called Something Something Porkchops (HAHA!)

Kris loved it!  (except for the veggies I guess - still convincing him to eat these green and leafy babies)
Their fried rice was delicious too.

Me: "Eat.this."

Fish & Chips

Of course I tossed the dip right away.  I don't like mayo or anything like that - similar smell, similar taste.  Just eew.  (peace to all mayo-lovers out there)

Look!  Loaded with fries too!  Hefty serving.

I also tried their mojito.  It's so minty, can pass as a mouthwash.  HAHA! :P 

Seeing these photos again makes me hungry.  Craving for mashed potato.... oooooh!  

What do you think?  What should we try next?

By the way, they have unlimited tacos too with an amazing spicy salsa!!  Yummo!

Like Chili's on Facebook and visit their website for more updates.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Was going through your Burp guides :D these photos made my mouth water! Now I wana go to chilis! Hate this post for making my mouth water :D you know what I mean! :P


    1. i miss their mashed potato and unli nachos.. :) go for their weekday promo - 3 for 999 if you are going with someone. :D

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