Skin Care 101 - The Basics: How To Create An Effective Daily Routine

by - August 01, 2013

Proper skin care regime is all you need to have a happy skin.  Clean, bright, supple and smooth face.  We all love that.  I know its hard to fight the external factors such as stress, pollution, etc., but if we stick to an effective routine, we can lessen the appearance of pimples, pores, wrinkles and other blemishes.

Check Your Skin Type
This is the first important step to do because all of the products you'll purchase (or make, if you love DIYs) will depend on your skin type.  Assess what skin problem you would like to target.  For example, you want to get rid of that oil factory on your T-Zone. But unfortunately, you have sensitive skin.  Most likely, you would need a product that's gentle but at the same time, has a very good anti-shine properties.

Always Choose "Gentle"
If you can go for organic products or at least the active ingredient is natural, better.  Remember my post about the harmful chemicals we apply on our skin?  But if for some reason, you still want to go for something non-organic, it's okay.  No worries.  Just make sure it's not too harsh.  And remember, you won't need to splurge on these. 

Your skin is the happiest when it's makeup free.  Now, you need to look for a makeup remover.  I apply this before I wash my face.  Here's what I'm currently using.

Removing makeup is not enough.  You need to have a facial cleanser.  

Tighten & Tone
Your routine should not stop from cleaning your face.  A toner will seal your pores and remove any residues.  Here's what I'm currently using.

I realized the importance of moisturizing just lately.  Before, I was so lazy to use a moisturizer (and lotion too) and I always end my routine with my toner.  We should not skip this step because our skin needs to be hydrated.  A quick massage while applying is good too! Here's what I'm currently using.

This is not a part of my daily routine.  Not yet.  HAHA!  I'm still looking for a good and affordable eye cream.  Any suggestion?  

Doing this step will prevent wrinkles and some also has anti dark circles properties.

You can do this once or twice a week only.  This will help remove dead skin cells resulting to a brighter complexion.  

You can add more steps if you want to.  Besides it should be customized, based on what your skin needs.  Then, after everything, give your skin a nice facial every week or two.  You can check mine here.

Good luck! I'd love to hear about your own routine too!

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