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by - August 06, 2013

Tried Thai for the second time!  Check out Black Canyon Coffee, one of the new restaurants here in McKinley. 

I heard a lot of good feedback about their drinks.  And yes, they have Thai Milk Tea.  So, for those who love love love that drink, try Black Canyon's version.  They even serve it blended.  Cool!  

We tried our fave dishes... pad thai and something with curry.  

Green Curry Stir- Fried Rice and Chicken (170)

Sooo spicy!  I died.  HAHA!  Loved the flavor though.
I was a bit sad about the serving size. :(

Pad Thai (194)
Normal recipe.  But I heard that this one won the Pad Thai World Championship.  Hmmm..

I forgot this one.  I think it's Kee-Mao (216)
Too salty for me.  And I didn't like the it because of the prawn paste (bagoong).

I also found some American dishes in their menu.  Weird.  Overall, food was just okay.  How about the drinks?

Refreshing!!  Thai Milk Tea!

The next day we tried their blended drinks.

Matcha Frappe (must try)

Thai Milk Tea Frappe (another must try)

We will definitely go back to try their coffee next time.  :)

What do you think?

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