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by - August 31, 2013

No Friday Flashback today!  HIHI!  I decided to do it every other week.  It's much better because as you've noticed, it became harder for me to do at least 4 posts in 1 week.  Sorry!  (*sobs)

Anyway, I wanna share a restaurant we visited last week.  After the Better Days photo shoot, we decided to stay away from the mall.  Translation... stay away from shopping temptation.  HAHA!  We looked for a food spot in Tomas Morato.  I searched Google and GrandMomma's Kitchen popped out.  

It's located at Il Terrazzo.  Remember my post about Banapple?  They are in the same building.

Its a small place with around 15 small tables.  I loved the homey interior and in my opinion, it's the perfect "quiet" place if you want to enjoy your comfort food with your friends or special someone.  They serve pancakes and American dishes. :)

Now, the food...

Smoked Baby Back Ribs (255 php)

Perfectly cooked and sauce was great too!  It could have been better if it's paired with mashed potato rather than veggies, or wait... may rice na pala.  HAHA!  

Fisherman's Platter (255 php)

Cream dory fillet with creamy sauce topped with green leaves (HAHAH! I'm not sure if its basil). 

Since its paired with mashed potato, I decided to order a separate cup of rice.  You know me, I can't live without it!  :P

The sauce was too salty for me.


Value for Money: I think it's a bit pricey, but maybe because I'm comparing it to Banapple.  However, considering their different take on home style dishes, let change pricey to acceptable.  HIHI!

Service: It took longer than expected.  There was only one waitress when we visited.

Service Charge: Yes.

Serving: Just fine... tamang busog lang. :P

Taste: Not disappointed except for the salty sauce. 

After our dinner, we passed by a yogurt store called, Yoh Froz.  Time for dessert!

Blueberry Cheesecake - smaller size (110 php)

What do you think?

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