Just In! - Goodies from iWhite Part 2

by - August 07, 2013

Another box filled with awesome products from iWhite came at our doorstep the other day.  Happy!  I was surprised because I didn't expect this new batch of goodies.  I used the facial cream and soap last time and already did a review here and here.  Who among you tried these products as well?

For those who are interested to try the facial cream for free, here's a good news.  Any guess?  HAHA!  I will give away and share them to one lucky reader!!!  Yay!

Actually, I was thinking of having 2 winners, but I don't know how to divide the 3 sachets.  HAHA!  How about one tube and one sachet???  Anyway, stay tuned because I'll post the details tomorrow.  

Noticed the 2 new products on the photo?  Very nice timing because I badly need a facial wash!!  I'm using Leyende face cleanser, but it only works with wet tissue.  Well, it's non-foamy you know.  HAHA!  Rinsing my face with water doesn't effectively remove makeup and dirt.  But I still love the scent and the feeling of smooth skin after.  

The other one in a very cute packaging is my favorite!  I already tried this moisturizer - bought a sachet and I loved it!  I still can't get over this new, potion-like design.  Hopefully, we get to see everything in new tubes and sachets. :)  

As usual, please expect a separate post for each.  Hmm.. maybe after a week or two.  :)

Thank you again, iWhite for sending these!! <3  

your sweetest drug,

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