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by - August 14, 2013

I don't know how you guys control a shiny face, but personally, aside from oil control films and mattifying toner that I'm using, I depend on my face powder.  I know I've already said a million times that I don't wear foundation or even BB cream (but I'm gonna try that soon) daily.  I hate suffocating my pores and I think using concealer is enough to even out my skin tone and lighten the eye area.  For some occasions however... haha!

So, what's new in my makeup kit?  A sexy mama!!  :)

I bought it from Beauty Bar.  You can visit their store at Trinoma or Greenbelt and you can also buy from their online site.  It's a makeup heaven (and skin care too!) offering a huge number of cosmetics from local to international and well-known brands.  The best thing about this shop... they have many organic/natural makeup and skin care products.  Another feature is the Dashing Diva, a glam nail salon.

Remember my previous face powder?  Actually, I was happy and satisfied.  It worked and I loved the effect on my skin tone.  This one from The Balm is more expensive.  That's okay, because it's not a drugstore makeup brand right?  Price is 775 php.

The Balm is an international makeup line having the philosophy of " beauty in 5 minutes".  Their products are paraben-free!  

The most noticeable thing about this brand is the packaging.  Retro... vintage... very creative!  I love it!  Imagine naming a face powder as "Sexy Mama".  Clever!  HAHA!

I think this is their only face powder and it only comes in 1 shade.  In fact, I'm not sure if the term "shade" is still applicable because it's translucent. *wink

It promises a shine-free, matte face.  Perfect for girls with oil problem.  *sigh

I'm not sure if you can see, but I noticed that the texture is very fine.  Similar to cornstarch, maybe?  Gladly, these tiny particles are not clogging my pores so far.

I know that showing the shade when applied is useless because again, its translucent.  HAHA!  Anyway, you know how I love sheer finish and light coverage when it comes to powders. :)

What to love about it:
  • Packaging, it's magnetic by the way (It will look good in your makeup kit! HAHA!)
  • Oil-control properties (Okay, let me clarify this... you need to retouch because it doesn't control the oil all-day.  But it works for a few hours.  Good enough for me.)
  • Light and sheer (Feels like having a makeup-free face)
  • Paraben free
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • Has mirror
I just hope that it:
  • Comes with an applicator.  (No sponge or brush)
  • Cheaper
  • Could easily be picked up (I have to really roll my brush over to pickup the product.  I haven't tried using a sponge though.)

Overall, I think Sexy Mama is worth a try.  I mean... it does everything in my face-powder-checklist.  HAHA!  Fighting an oily t-zone is really a challenge, but since this doesn't feel "heavy" when applied, retouching every after a few hours is okay.  Your skin can still breathe and you won't have a scary, overly photoshopped face.  :P

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your sweetest drug,

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