Makeup Video - Mixing Lip Colors

by - August 18, 2013

Don't have a wide collection of lip colors?  No worries!  This short video will show you how you can maximize your lip pencils and lipsticks.  You'll be surprise at how you can come up with more than 1 lip look using a lip liner and a lipstick.

I love having several lipsticks or lip liners but I hate how it can ruin my budget.  The solution??  Mix mix mix!  Come up with a different color!  It's the best way to avoid that unnecessary splurge and at the same time, having more savings or spend your money on other makeup or skin care products.

I bet most of you are doing this already, but for those who are still starting to put together a makeup kit, this 2-minute video could be useful.  (I hope. :P)

I'll be posting further details tomorrow.  For now, just click the play button below and after watching, let me know what lip color suits my makeup look best.  Muah! <3

Music by Daft Punk feat. Pharell, Get Lucky

More photos tomorrow!

Good luck!

your sweetest drug,

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