The Chic Closet - BETTER DAYS Collection

by - August 29, 2013

After a month of stressful preparation, we have finally released our new collection.  I'm feeling more at ease now.  For the past weeks, we've been struggling as we looked for the new items and planned the photo shoot.  It became more nerve-racking because of the rainy week and my work shift.  Seeing the output really makes us happy and relieved.  Whew!

We know that you are also sick of the white wall and green floor, so this time, we decided to go outside, embrace the sunshine and enjoy our coffee.  We had our shoot at Terra 28th and Tully's Coffee, BGC.  I must say... it's hard!  But, its worth it!  I enjoyed our new background!  Luckily, there were only a few folks around.  If not, I don't even know how will I overcome the embarrassment.  HAHA!  

So, about the name of the collection, "Better Days"... let's see... well, it came from this BIG HOPE we have.  Simply because "we are hoping for better days", and I bet you are too, in whatever aspect.  We all want it.  

We tried new things.  Challenged ourselves.  Made everything harder.  We did this just to emanate inspiration and hope.  We want you to feel assured that "better days" will eventually come.  So, just be patient and of course, smile. :)

And yea, it's a nice song too!  HAHAH!  Anyway, I'd really appreciate if you can visit our shop here.  If you are wondering what's new well, we brought back your favorite bustiers.  Remember, our first ever collection?  We now have new, few stocks again.  There are printed pieces as well (romper, corset dress, high waist jeggings, dress and top).  As usual, you will see more pictures of each here on my blog.  A lot of you requested for a new batch of skater skirts, so here they are!  Is your fave color included?  HIHIH!  If not, contact us and we'll check if we can get it for you.  

Reach us at the numbers shown above for inquiries!  We will be giving discounts if you order 2 or more items!  Yay!

Happy shopping! <3

Here are some BTS photos.  I will also make a short video, so stay tuned for that.  :)  #levelup

Complaining!!  HAHA!

Me: "Okay ba yung buhok?"

BIG BIG THANKS to Kris for helping me in every step of the way!!!   <3

Enjoying my frappe :D

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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