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by - September 22, 2013

Since I requested for a Korean dinner for my birthday, we tried this very interesting BBQ meat all you can place called K-Pub.  It's impossible not to notice this because of the colorful facade.  At first, I thought it's a club.  HAHA!  :)

It's located at 28th Street corner 5th Avenue, BGC.  They are open until midnight so it's also perfect if you want to hang out with your friends, have a couple of beers while cooking mouthwatering BBQ on your own table.

I will be showing you my birthday outfit on a separate Lookbook post. :)

We made our reservation 2 days before and tried if we can get the table beside Bigbang's poster on the second floor.  It's funny but hey, it's my birthday!  A little birthday request... HIHI!  We arrived around 7PM.  There were only a few people when we came so they asked us if its okay to stay on the first floor.  No problem because we also enjoyed watching the music videos of some k-idols. 

2ne1 - Falling in Love

Speaking of music videos, what makes this restaurant special is this huge HD LCD.  I was able to watch 2ne1, CNBlue, Hyo Ri and Sistar 19.  I discovered few catchy songs too!  HAHA! We patiently waited for any Bigbang song but they only played Blue and Oh Yeah.  Oh well! :P

Lee Hyo Ri - Miss Korea

G-Dragon and TOP feat. Park Bom - Oh Yeah


They also have a special birthday music video.  They played this several times - meaning, many celebrants that day!

Before I show you the food, check out the place first.

They also have spacious rooms (left side - with curtains) if you prefer a little privacy.  Upstairs, you'll see more tables.  We played foosball too!  :)  

Meet my BAD BOYS!! HAHA! <3

Alright, here's what we ate!!  They served all side dishes, kimchi pancake, salad, soup and keranggim (steamed eggs) immediately.

We chose the 899 promo because we intended to stay.  It includes everything in the 499 - 1 hour promo plus more beef!!!  All side dishes are unlimited.  As for the drinks, they offer barley juice.  If you want to go for bottomless juice and Pepsi products, just add 40 php.  

My favorite... Kimchi rice!! :)  I love the metal chopsticks and bowl.

Our first batch... samgyeopsal (pork belly - botttom), beef kalbi (marinated short ribs - top left) and beef bulgogi (beef in soy and garlic).  The friendly staffs will cook them for you.  You can request for a refill anytime and they will bring them to your table.  

anchovies, tofu, radish kimchi


keranggim (steamed eggs) - not my type :P

more kimchi and sweet potato


time to roll it!

sikhye - rice drink (they served this after our meal, aids digestion)

Meat overload!!  We also had dak galbi (marinated chicken) and more kalbi.  They also offer ala carte dishes, but we were so full already so we didn't try any.  

Overall, I enjoyed our Korean BBQ experience.  Happy to celebrate my birthday there with Kris (and Bigbang... chos!).  Everything was delicious except for the steamed eggs and cold noodles.  I expected more well-known Korean dishes like tteokbokki but I guess they specialize in meat (kaya nga meat-all-you-can).  If you want to try, I recommend the 499 - eat and run promo.   Busog na kayo kahit 1 hour lang.  I promise! 

For more information, like K-Pub on Facebook and visit their website.  By the way, local bands are performing there as well.  I think it started 2 weeks ago.  You can also find K-Pop goodies such as album, posters, etc.  

So, calling all K-Pop fans... this is the perfect place for you!  Very reasonable buffet price, fulfilling meals, awesome ambiance and of course, your favorite k-pop idols in their music videos right in front of you. :)

What do you think?

More pictures...

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Happy to know that you're also a VIP. BTW, I just read some of your reviews today (yes it's my first time here at your blog) and I really love it! More beauty reviews to come! Thank you! :)

  2. Hi, did they offer you guys any freebies like additional 30 mins for the unli? Or just a birthday dance? :)

    1. Nope but I wouldn't like the usual buffet greeting anyway Hahahaha! 😁 On my second visit, they did that for another table.


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