The Chic Closet - Better Days Will Come: BTS Video

by - September 09, 2013

I'm still on cloud nine and I don't think I'm going to fly back down anytime soon.  HAHA!  It's been a happy weekend.  I'm gonna tell you more about what happened and how I celebrated my birthday on a separate post.  First, let me greet myself - I still have a few minutes left!  Cheers to 24 years! :)

For this special day, let me share a short video I created featuring our latest collection, Better Days.  I apologize if I've been plugging non-stop about this.  I think it's worth it naman eh HIHI!

Kris managed to film some clips while we were doing the photo shoot (multitasking!!).  Sayang din naman kasi yung background.  :)  And besides, I'm in the mood to do some video editing.  I think I found another hobby though you can't expect to see special and "wow-able" effects.  Just the basic stuff. :P

As I've shared previously, we decided to look for a new venue.  We did the first part at Tully's Coffee, BGC and the other half at 28th St.  It's tough because we had to do everything fast and not to mention posing in front of the camera with some strangers around.  HAHA!  #embarassingmoment  Anyway, at least now I can say that I'm a PRO when it comes to changing clothes inside the car.  :P  #truestory  It was a tiring a day, but we're satisfied with the output and hopefully, its not our last time to shoot outside.  

Click play and let me know what you think. 

Music By Kill Paris, Tender Love (remix)

your sweetest drug,

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