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by - October 16, 2013

Similar to concealer, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect toner.  I have tried 2 already and I am also happy with my previous one from Loreal - totally worth trying.  As I explore the products from my new favorite local brand, I found out about their interesting line called Awesome Poresome.  As I told you before, you'll be engrossed in checking out everything in Snoe's kiosk because of the cool names and appealing design.  Trust me on this one.  HAHA!

This baby Toner has 2 sisters, Cleanser and Serum.  You can buy the trio and have a complete pore minimizing kit for only 799 php.  You'll save 48 pesos plus, you'll get a small bag.  Since I still have a cleanser and I'm not yet sure if I really need a serum, I opted to buy this alone.  And by the way, they have a cousin too.  The name is Polish.  :)

In my opinion, the bottle is really small for a toner.  Sadly, they only have it in this size.  I'm using this twice a day after washing my face.  Like any other toner out there, the promise is to have less visible pores.  But what makes this baby special is that, it also balances oil production.

Check out the key ingredients above. 

Packaging: It's in a spray bottle which is fine and doesn't leak.  But you know, this bottle right here is better.  It saves you a second and all you need is one hand.  HAHA!

Price: I just hope they introduce us to this baby's motha! Make it bigger please??  But then again, price is acceptable - 249 php.  And the positive side is that, we don't need to spend 500 and above just to try it.

Scent: I can smell berries.  HIHI!  It could cause a little eye irritation so be careful but other than that, I love the refreshing feeling after.  No over drying! 

How it works for me: I'm not yet seeing any signs improvement but I'm not completely disappointed.  Why?  Because it really minimizes the appearance of my ultimate enemy (well, next to my eye bags that is) after every application.  Yes, I'm not lying and exaggerating.  HAHA!  It only takes a second or two and you will really see the result right away.  HOWEVER (oops, please continue reading ladies, don't you click that "x" button just yet), you'll be saying hello to reality after a few minutes.  Pores will do misbehave again.  

Even so, I'm still loving it.  I believe that it will still work if you regularly clean your pores.  You know, exfoliation and stuff like that.  Do everything to unclog them.  In that way, once this toner closes your pores, it won't be visible again immediately because there's nothing inside.  Another tip is to apply serum or primer after to protect and help seal your pores.

As for the oil control properties, I think it also helps.  I really can't say that it's guaranteed because one, a Sexy Mama takes good care of my oily t-zone problem and two, when it gets super hot, nothing can beat the "oil factory". 

I also noticed how it effectively cleanses and remove dirt/makeup left after washing my face.  Really awesome!

What do you think?   

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