Skin Care 101 - Snoe Black Beauty Bar

by - October 04, 2013

I'm happy to share my new favorite cosmetic brand called Snoe.  They offer a wide range of beauty products from makeup to skin care.  The awesome part... it's a local brand!  #LoveYourOwn  That's why they know how to cater to Filipina skin and they truly understand our beauty and skin care needs.  Let them prove this to you by looking at their unique and innovative products.

As shown on my previous Just In post, I bought 2 items from Snoe's kiosk in Landmark, Trinoma.  Let start with Black Beauty Soap.

199 php

At first, you'll be overwhelmed with the variety of beauty bars they offer.  It costs 139 to 199 php.  This product line targets every skin problem from acne to aging and majority promises a fairer complexion.

I asked the saleslady for their best/strongest whitening soap and she immediately showed me this.  Of course, I ensured that this would still be okay when used as a facial cleanser.  But for those who have sensitive skin, you may have to look for another option from the set.

cute Snoe logo embossed

Yes, it's literally black and far from its label, "Snoe White".  :)

The key ingredients are:
  • Multi-fruit acids - Citric Acid, a very powerful antioxidant and skin brightener and Acai Berry, protects skin from damage caused by free radicals
  • Alpha Arbutin - a skin lightening agent
  • Tomato - high in astringent properties

I don't see any harmful chemicals listed. :)

The important thing to note when you plan to use Black Bar is to shift to another soap after 3 consecutive months.  Better if it's from Snoe too!  HAHA!  

Honestly, it's too early to tell if it really worked.  But so far, I'm loving it!  I was using Kojie San soap before (yes, for years) and I must say, it's effective too.  

Whitening soaps normally make the skin dry and sometimes cause micro peeling.  But in this case, I noticed that it doesn't overdry though I can still see those "white lines" after scratching, so I recommend applying lotion.  In contrast to what the directions above say, I don't feel any tingling sensation even after leaving it for 2 minutes or more.  

As for the face, it may not be too gentle but fortunately, I didn't encounter any irritation.  I have 2 small pimples on my cheeks now but I don't think it's because of this Black Soap.  :)

In terms of value for money, personally, it's reasonably priced.  Their other products however, are more expensive.

This soap lathers very well and doesn't have any strong or irritating scent.  Don't worry, it won't leave any black stains.  HAHA! :P

The most addicting thing about Snoe is the packaging.  If you visit this online shop, you'll be amazed too.  Very catchy and creative names, vintage design, everything will make you stop and shop.  The labels are so interesting and it's easy to identify the use of each product.  Love it! <3

Let me get back to you after 2 months and I'll confirm if it really made a difference.  I'll wait if there's someone who will comment and say, "Uy, parang pumuputi ka".  HAHAH! :P

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A tip: cut the bar into smaller pieces (maybe 4) to make it last longer *wink

Expect a lot more from Snoe coming up next!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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