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by - November 02, 2013

A new lipstick calls for a new makeup video!  HAHA!  Just kidding!  As you guys know, Kris gave me a new red lippie.  I actually asked for Riri Woo months ago but then, one day, he surprised me with Ruby Woo.

Anyway, I decided to do another look inspired by Michelle Phan's Spanish Rose.  I know, I know... I was not able to achieve the overall look.  HAHA!  I just picked that video because of the red lips and it's one of my faves.  :)

You can wear this on special events, day or night.  Probably, you are also unsure when and how to wear red lips.  The eye makeup should not be too heavy or smokey - just enough to balance everything.  After all, you can intensify this look anytime you want to.  :)

Time to click PLAY!


I used BB cream (a separate post coming up) and concealer.  I set everything with my The Balm face powder.  


I used a pink matte eye shadow as the base and blended the edges with slightly shimmery gold.  :)

To give it depth, I added brown eye shadow on the outer corners.  

I lined my eyes with black liquid eyeliner and topped it off with black eye shadow to intensify the color.  The thickness depends on your lids.

For the lower lash line, I used black eyeliner pencil and blended it out using the same brown color on my outer corners.  I also put some on my waterline.

Using false lashes is optional.  Just make sure to add volume and length.  Don't forget your lower lashes!

I also dabbed on a gold eye shadow on my inner corners. 


And of course, for my lips, I used MAC Ruby Woo (review coming up next week).  Finish the look by doing some contouring and highlighting.  (I forgot to film some parts, sorry!)

I'm not sure if you noticed, but my forehead and chin are having some sort of irritation.  It's so obvious up close.  Ugh.  I hate it.  :(

I should have worn a red top!  HAHAH!  Anyway, I will upload more photos tomorrow!  Good luck!

Music by Zedd and Matthew Koma, Spectrum (acoustic version)

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Jaela's voice at the end of the video!  

your sweetest drug,

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