Just In! - Bag, Toner, Concealer, Face Mask and Pullover

by - December 15, 2013

What's up, gorgeous?!  Are you enjoying the last few days of 2013?  I know some of you guys are having Christmas parties (almost weekly?), busy with their Christmas gift list or maybe on vacation mode already.  What an exciting month, right?!  Just make sure to be safe and drink moderately. :)

Today, I'm sharing few new stuff I bought and a gift I received from Kris.  Here they are!

Let's start with a freebie I got from Etude House.  Well, I totally forgot to show this when I posted about my Precious Minerals Cotton Fit BB Cream.  This famous Korean cosmetic store gives free face masks when you purchase at least 500 php.  Last time I got Pearl Extract and now, it's my chance to try Pomegranate.  For sure, it will feel sooo good on my face.  I'll use it later or tomorrow.

Next, my new toner from The Body Shop.

695 php

I've started using it and so far, my skin is happy.  It's from the Seaweed Line, a clarifying toner that targets impurities and enlarged pores.  If you want to check out my previous toner, click here.

From skin care, let's move on to makeup. 

750 php

As I have shared before, I wasn't so happy about my previous concealer from Revlon.  Then, I read about The Balm's Time Balm and I got the feeling that it's the ONE.  Loving it.  Super.

And here's a gift from Kris, a Mango tote/shopper bag. Thank you, Baby! :D

We bought this from an online store called, Bags R Us II.  I'm now using it as a laptop bag and of course, very useful too when stores/malls don't give out plastic bags.  It also comes with some kind of a coin purse.  Love it!

For clothes, I bought a new pullover.  This time, from Uniqlo.  Perfect for the breezy December nights.  *wink

990 php

Here's a funny story.  I thought it's on sale for 790 php, but when I was about to pay, the display showed 990.  Okay, as if I could take it back and say that I changed my mind.  HAHA!  Have you experienced that as well?  A bit embarrassing, right?.  I pretended that I knew.  :P

But then, I realized that it's still a good deal.  The quality is really nice and the color looks cute. 

To complete this post, here's the Quickie Update portion.  HAHA!  Please do answer these as well!

Currently Loving: I'm so attracted to oxblood red recently. I want a bag in that color, a dress, a lipstick and maybe a pair of shoes too.  Everything!! HIHI!

My LSS: I Hate Myself (내가 미워요) by my favorite K-Pop icon, Lee Hyori.  

Recently Watched: Frozen!!  My favorite Disney movie next to Tangled!  It's a must-watch!  It;s my first time to watch a movie in cinema twice!  First, I went with Jaela and earlier, with Kris.  I love the soundtracks!

ABSpiration Update: Since I'm back on 5PM to 8AM shift, it's difficult to catch up with December workout calendar.  So sad.  My body's craving for the burning sensation already!  

Craving For: Crepe!  Last month, we discovered Mother's Crepe and Cafe, a Japanese Crepe franchise.  Did I say crepe thrice?  HAHA!  Anyway, you must try their Japanese ice cream!  

So. that's it for now.  Next on Just In series, I'll show you my little haul from The Face Shop.  Yay!  Wait for it. :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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