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by - January 12, 2014

Tried another unique restaurant in Cebu!  Yay!  Thanks to Ate Chico and Kuya Vince for taking us here.  It's called Choobi Choobi!

At first look, it might seem like a normal dining place but wait til you see and taste their specialty!

It's located in Parkmall and could be easily spotted.  The place is very expansive, with enough spacing between tables.  They can accommodate big groups, so perfect for families and whole barkada.

Aside from the super reasonable price, they are known for their seafood bags.  Check this out.  One pound of flavored shrimps with corn for only 350 pesos!  Woah!  That's roughly 25 pieces and I'm not talking about tiny shrimps here.  One bag is good enough for at least 3 persons.

Their other dishes are affordable too and good for sharing.  Everything is cooked upon order so expect a little waiting time.

If you're craving for fish, try this one.  The sauce tasted like bistek tagalog sauce or at least very similar to that.

They also have tempura, but I wouldn't recommend you to get this.  Normal and nothing special. 

And now, the must try yummo bag!  

We chose Choobi Cajun Sauce (mild & spicy).  There's a little kick of BBQ flavor.  Love it!  For me, this is a better alternative if you want to try something new aside from the usual butter garlic.

Everything fresh, delicious and affordable!  Don't forget Choobi Choobi when you visit Cebu.  (very catchy name!)  

I forgot the meaning of "lingaw lingaw kaon".  I think it's happy or fun eating.  HAHA!  :P

Check out their Facebook page here for more information.  

What do you think?

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