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by - January 18, 2014

Time to show you guys the first item from my little haul from The Face Shop.  First, this brow tint/mascara.

Ever since I bought this product, I then realized how much I actually needed it.  I mean, given the fact that I'm not good with grooming my brows, it's really a life saver because it doesn't just tame them, it also adds color and dimension.

I always use eye shadow powder to fill in my brows just because it's super easy for me and it looks natural.  Well, mine are not too thin and not too thick.  But some of the strands are concentrated in the middle area, so I still need to fill in both sides.

395 php

I was really surprised when I saw the price.  It's affordable enough, right?  Like I said, I'm not yet ready to spend at least a thousand pesos for a brow tint (well, actually for all makeup HAHA!) so this is perfect!  I know Etude House has this product too.  If you don't care about the price tag, go for Benefit or MAC.

It's called Color My Eye Brow and comes in 2 colors.  This one is darker.  About the mustache looking logo, I'm not sure about that.  HIHI!

As you can see, the formula is almost the same with mascara.  Even the applicator.  No special techniques needed.  Just brush it on.  What I normally do is that, I start from the bottom and brush (wiggle-motion) upwards.  That way, you can really transfer the product on your brows.

TIP: Remove the excess by sliding it in and out of the lid.  Remember to brush gently then blend it after.  You can also use a clean spoolie brush to apply more pressure and for a more even application without layering on more product.  You can just use your clear mascara's brush - no need to buy a separate one.

A closer look.  The strands are actually longer on one side and almost flat on the other.  That way, you can reach every hair.  But both works anyway.  :)

Here's the swatch.  In natural lighting, your brows will look lighter and the tint will really stand out.  Time to show you the before and after photos.

Sorry for my not-so-clean looking brows.  HAHA!  Truth is, I wasn't able to apply the powder properly because I was in a hurry, so everything's uneven.  :(

Take note, it might look different with gel or wax.  So, I suggest that you just try it.

I prefer full and natural-looking brows at all times.  Less effort.

You can also apply it alone if you really want to make your brows appear lighter.

It's not waterproof, but it stays all day unless you remove it with water or wet tissue.  The formula doesn't feel heavy and it won't make your brows stiff.

See the difference?  I think I made them a little too thick here.  HAHA!

Well-groomed brows are indeed important. They complete the look and frame your eyes/face.  I even know a few who couldn't leave the house without fixing them.  They will choose brows over bra!  :P

I recommend this for first-timers with brow mascara/tint.  It's easy to apply and blend.  However, The Face Shop doesn't have this in many shades, so you'll have to work with either (dark/light).

I'm so happy to have tried this!

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Before I end this, here's another tip.  "They should look like sisters, NOT twins!" - Michelle Phan

Good luck!

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