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by - February 15, 2014

If by now you're still not convinced with the effects of groomed brows to your look, well, it's time to give it a second thought.  I know some of you doesn't consider including this in your makeup routine.  I understand if rushing time is the reason.  But hopefully, you'll get persuaded after reading this post.  HAHA!

Eyebrow grooming could be a little tricky for most of us.  I admit.  I didn't care about it before but after giving it a try, I got hooked.  The difference is just so obvious.  Yes, application could be a bit intimidating and frustrating at first, similar to perfecting a cat eyeliner, but still, practice is the key!

I'm now used to filling in my brows.  Thank goodness!  I need help in the shaping department though.  I'm not a brow expert.   I can't create arches or re-shape my own.  So, let's skip that.  Today, I'm sharing my basic everyday brow routine.  Perfect for beginners!

I have 2 ways of fixing my brows.  Both are so easy and they only take a minute or two.  Well, add another minute if yours are super stubborn.  HIHI!

In this post, there's no special technique used.  Basically, I just follow my brows' natural shape.  Mine are not too sparse and luckily, they are not unruly.

Let's begin!


I started with this and it's still my preferred brow filler.  I was using brown eye shadow but switched to taupe.

One watch out would be the longetivity.  Don't expect that it will last all day long especially when the weather makes you sweaty or you don't set it with a brow gel/tint.

You can make this more defined if you create an outline first using an angled brush.

I don't recommend this when you have super thin, sparse brows to almost zero brows.  A friendly reminder: Don't be too addicted to plucking!


I tried this few weeks ago just because I found a eyebrow pencil with a very nice brown color.  Actually, I'm not sure if it's an eyeliner.  HAHA!  I found it in my Tita's makeup kit.

Since I can't re-shape my brows, I use this similar to powder.  Again, I fill in the sparse area.  To blend it evenly, I use a spooly.  If you don't have this yet, look for a thin one.  If you have a clear mascara or brow gel, use the applicator.  Just make sure to remove some of the product for easier application.  And besides, you don't want stiff brows.

This lasts longer compared to powder.  You can also have more control in creating arches with pencil.

Promise.  This looks better in person!  HAHAH!  *wink

I haven't tried brow wax so I didn't include it in this post.  Again, I go for either one of these methods for my everyday brows.

BTW, you can skip the mascara brow/tint.  But I do recommend it if you want your brows to stay put throughout the day.  In my case, looks like it's a must because of my colored hair.  Find the right shade for you.  Here's what I'm using.

Having a well-groomed eyebrows will definitely enhance any makeup look, a bare face even!  They frame the face and accentuate the eyes.  You don't have to make them perfect and look like twins.

Once more, it all takes practice.  You'll eventually get used to you fixing your own set.

Go ahead and try it now!  Let me know how it turned out.

Good luck!

your sweetest drug,

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