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by - February 09, 2014

I finally said goodbye to my dull hair.  If you can remember, I had red-brown hair that lasted for 16 months.  Well, let's just say the first half black, the other colored.  I had it done by Mr. Shin of Beautybrick Hair Art Studio.  It's super worth it because the color stayed and didn't brighten that much even after growing my hair.  Sometimes, it's annoying to see my gradient hair color, but thanks to the ombre trend, it looked like it's styled especially when curled.

I really wanted to have a new hair color this 2014.  A dark chocolate red was my first choice.  Unfortunately, it's not doable in one application because of my color that time.  They said that they would need to color my hair twice to achieve that and that also means, double the price.  Oops, wait a minute!

Before I go any further, let me introduce the salon first.  I tried Park Jun Beauty Lab, a Korean salon at Glorietta 3.

I saw VIP rooms when I passed the hallway from the reception area.  The actual salon space is located at the lower ground floor.  It's very expansive.  I bet it won't get crowded even if it's full of customers.  

They also have a branch in Alabang.  I heard that they've been here in Manila for quite some time already.  They also have many branches worldwide.

The stylists are all Korean, if I'm not mistaken.  My stylist, Lena-shi speaks a little English so it's not that hard to communicate.  I wanted to talk to her in Korean, but I was too shy.  I just said "kumawo yo" after taking a photo with her.  HAHA!

Alright, time to show you the photos taken during the process.  :)

I showed Lena-shi a picture of the color and hairstyle I liked.  It's better than to explain verbally.  

We ended up with my second choice, a darker ash brown color.  She cut my hair first, just to trim it and saved the actual styling later.  

I like the ambiance!  It's similar to the ones I've seen in Korean shows.  Plus, it's clean.

Waiting as they mixed the formula... with the funny ear plastic!

Lena-shi started to color the middle section of the hair.  Not sure why she skipped the ends. 

By the way, I didn't go for their INOA hair color because it's more expensive (additional 400 php).  That formula doesn't contain ammonia and more gentle compare to normal.  

Oh shocks!  I forgot the brand they used on me.  But I'm sure it's not L'Oreal.  

While Lena-shi was doing a haircut over there, I had to endure this machine.  HAHA!  

She came back after several minutes to color the ends of my hair.  Then, I said hello to the steamer again.  Good thing, there's free wifi.  Best thing, there's Kris.  I had someone to talk to while waiting.

Time to color the roots!  Ooh, say hello to Lena-shi's assistant, Bong (not super sure with the name)!

From my past experience, I learned that the roots absorb color very fast that's why it should always be the last section.  Five to seven minutes is already enough.

At first, the smell was bearable.  Though I noticed that my eyes were getting a little teary.  As the formula touched my scalp, it felt itchy which again, was tolerable.  However, after few minutes, I felt a sharp tingling sensation all over my head.  I was so close to telling them to wash my hair immediately.  :(

me as stylist  HAHA!

After washing my hair, Lena-shi completed the haircut. 

Everything took almost 2 hours.  I was slightly nervous and at the same time excited.  I was like, "Please not a bright, light brown please please please".

And now, here's the result!  

Let me show you the inspiration first!

darker version of this

and this haircut

my previous haircolor



I love how the color turned out even though they didn't achieve Miranda's hair in the above photo.  I just don't like the super light brown part on top.

How about the cut?  Hopefully, I'd get to maintain  my side-swept bangs.  Actually, I also told Lena-shi to make my hair length 2 inches shorter.  

I paid 4000 php - hair color for long hair (3200) and hair cut (800).  Yea, that's the damage.  It's slightly higher compared to my previous salon.

I know that the color will lighten eventually.  I can't wait to have longer hair to get rid of my bright roots!

Compared to my previous experience, in Park Jun Beauty Lab, the stylist will do 90% if the work.  I'm satisfied about the service, but then again, the price is a little to hefty for me.  Hair trim is not free even if you avail a treatment or hair color service.  

I couldn't remember having the same bad experience with ammonia when I tried BeautyBrick's service.  That's also a watch out.  If you can spare an additional 400 php for INOA, I suggest you to go for it.  

So, that's it for my hair makeover.  What do you think?  

Visit Park Jun Beauty Lab to know more about their services.  I think reservation is not necessary.  I also heard that they have 30% or 20% discount on their treatments every weekend.  Their mucota treatment is famous.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Hi. :) I was just wondering if ypur roots turned darker to match the lower part of your hair and how much time did it take. I have the same experience and I'm already thinking of having it redone.

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