Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rossetto in Shade 11

by - February 07, 2014

I'll make this one quick!  (sorry!)

Here's the second runner of our lippie mini marathon. :)

Price: As I have mentioned, I got this from my cousin so I can't tell the exact price.  However, I saw some online shops selling this around 300-350 php.  Rimmel is a good brand and I know some of their products have good reviews.

This is shade 11 from Kate Moss Lasting Finish Rossetto Collection.

Packaging: Classic black suit with Kate's signature in RED.  Nice!  One comment though - please indicate the name of the shade not the number! :D

Color: It's a cool red, close to cherry actually.  You'll get the true color with one swipe, but still buildable.  It looks great even for warm skin tones.  It makes the face instantly brighter.

Application: It glides easily and smoothly.  No need to drag the bullet on your lips to get the full color.

color intensified after several swipes

Texture:  I didn't feel any dryness after few hours.  I still put on lip balm prior though.  It doesn't feel super creamy and heavy.

on lighter skin tone

Finish: Classic finish.  Satin, I guess?  Not totally matte and doesn't look flat because there's a little shine.

Longevity: Surprisingly, it survived 3 hours on my lips - full color.  However, when I started drinking, it faded gradually.  It also left stains especially in between the lines.  

It really complements natural eye makeup and bare cheeks.  I like it but I'd really prefer matte finish for red lippies.  

It could pass as an "everyday red" because it still won't look vampy if you build the color.  The big drawback though is that, it doesn't look good when it starts to fade.  The faded area is so noticeable especially at the center of the lips.

I would still recommend this because of the price and nice formula. :)

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I think it's not available in any mall here in Manila, so better to check out online shops on Instagram and Facebook. 


sorry again for the super duper rush post!  HAHA!  Muah!

your sweetest drug,

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