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by - March 14, 2014

Ramen shops are popping everywhere.  How many have you tried so far?  What's your favorite?  Today, I'm featuring Hanamaruken Ramen, one of the newest candidate in the ramen craze here in Manila.

If I remember correctly, we already tried 4 ramen restaurants.  I am not a pro when it comes to comparing the taste of each but I always look for these 3 - soup, noodles and price.

Before sharing the photos, let me give a quick intro first.  Hanamaruken is a popular ramen place in Osaka, Japan.  They specialize in meat and obviously, their signature ramen is known for slow-cooked soft bone pork rib.  They call it Happiness Ramen.  They opened their first branch here in Manila just recently.  You can visit them at 2nd floor, garden side of Trinoma.

The place is not too expansive but there's enough space in between tables.  I also like the Japanese accents inside the shop. 

I craved again for rice (what's new?) so only Kris had a bowl.  He wanted to try a very spicy one but I refused.  HAHA!  Our second choice was the Signature Happiness Ramen (description below) but we're shocked when we saw the price.  We decided to try Salary Man, another best-seller.  The lowest price is 280 php, a serving good for 1 person.

As for me, I got Curry Chahan and Gyoza.  

Look!  The bottom side is fried.  8 pieces of gyoza for 150 php - not bad!  

Here's my bowl of curry fried rice.  Lot's of garlic, not at all salty and there were tiny strips of pork.

And now, Kris' choice...

Salary Man is tonkotsu (pork soup) and shoyu (soy sauce) based, more intense than the regular shoyu ramen.

We were amazed by the taste of the soup.  The authenticity of the flavor was there.  Not too oily and the meat doesn't have fat because it's pork shoulder.  

The noodles on the other hand, are cooked well, maybe a little too soft though.  Argh!  I wanna have one right now!!  Soooo comforting!

Hanamaruken definitely has reasonably priced ramen and the variety is fair enough as well.  No doubt.  We will come back for more.  

What do you think?

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