Just In! - Shoes, Sunscreen, Earrings and Bandeau

by - March 06, 2014

I still owe you a few makeup posts.  Please bear with me.  It's getting more and more difficult for me to manage my time and adjust my schedule.  My body clock is so messed up right now.  I'm bombarded with work-related things and it's really hard to allot time for other stuff.  Sadly, I have to sacrifice sleep if I want to get more things done.  Oh well.

Before I show you my recent purchases, let me share an exciting announcement.  Howkay, you guessed it!  A new collection is finally here!  Give us more time to prepare this set.  Hopefully, we can release it on the third week.  Yay!

I'll make this quick because I still need to finish something. :)

When I was in Cebu last month, I bought a new pair of shoes from Call It Spring.  They were on sale, like crazy crazy sale.  The store was almost empty and I even saw some ladies who bought 4 pairs of shoes.  I spotted these 2 items.

Wedge shoes: 1500 php | Earrings: 250 php

Statement earrings, right?  I don't wear earrings anymore, but I'd probably try again.  

This classy pair of shoes matched the dress I wore at the wedding.  I'll share the Lookbook post next week.  

350 php

Next is this lace bandeau from Stradivarius.  I can imagine wearing this at the beach with high-waist denim shorts.  Gaaah!  Speaking of beach, I want a vacation!!  I need a vacation!!

Lastly, a sunscreen from Neutrogena.  It's time to do my skin a favor and protect it even more.  Ladies, seriously, you need this in your skin care stash.  SPF 50++ is good enough, but I suggest don't go lower than that.  A full review about this soon.

That's it for now.  :)

Quickie Update

Currently Loving: Matte white waterlines!  I think I've already mentioned this before.  I like how it makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter.  It looks clean and polished too.  It's my current fave pick-me-upper.  Since I don't have an eye pencil for this, I apply eye shadow.  Try it!  I'll also do a Beauty Board post showing this trick. 

My LSS: EXO's XOXO.  Yea, another song from the K-Pop world.  It's a feel good song, a very catchy one.  I spotted 2 cuties too from the group.  HAHAHA!  I heard it from my fave online music streaming site, 8 Tracks.  Basically, it allows you to search for playlists  depending on any criteria you select.  Check it out!  

Recently Watched: Still haven't watched any movie.  Sad.  Blame our hectic sched!  Anyway, we watched the latest episodes of HIMYM and The Walking Dead.

ABSpiration Update: March workout calendar is out, but my current shift schedule makes it hard for me to follow.  I'll catch up.

Craving For: I think a need a buffet.  HAHA!  I'm so stressed! :P

your sweetest drug,

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