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by - March 09, 2014

Let's continue the lippie marathon!  Today, it's all about Saint Germain.  You might like this if you're addicted to bubblegum, Barbie pink.

I think this is one of the famous faves from the lipstick queen, MAC.  As expected, this is a top-seller.

This is my first time to personally see a bright, pale pink like this.  When I first tried this on, I felt Nicki Minaj's aura.  HAHA!   It's a little intimidating at first (at least for me) because obviously, by looking at the bullet, you'll realize that it's not the color and finish you'll wear easily everyday.

Let's break it down right away!

Packaging: It's housed in the usual black casing we all love.

Color: Here are words that describe this shade of pink - pastel, bright, very pigmented, almost neon, has a touch of lilac, cool, opaque, and bold.  This works perfectly with lighter skin tone.  On the other hand, this might not go along very well with darker complexion.  Well, unless if you wanna go for Nicki Minaj's look.  Barbie diva swag!  :P

Finish: Amplified creme.  There's a little shine and it also leaves tiny glitters (more visible after wiping the lipstick off).

Application: Not easy.  At first swipe, product is transferred easily but it's hard to blend after.  I also encountered some bleeding, so make sure to use a lip brush if you want a more even application.

swatched on my medium-dark skin

Color is buildable, but I don't recommend that because that will intensify the creamy finish.  You'll get the true color at the first swipe anyway.  But then again, it's really up to you.    

Texture: Stay away from this lippie if you hate creamy and chalky texture on your lips.  It feels a little heavy too.  But in spite of that, it still soft.  

Don't forget to use a lip balm prior.  It clings to chapped skin like crazy!  

swatched on lighter skin (Thanks Kris!) HAHAH!

Longevity: It wears off and transfers easily.  It can last up to 5 hours without eating or drinking.  I haven't noticed any moisturizing effect as well.

I prefer putting a little lip tint prior just to give it a little more color.

I also suggest adding some blush on your cheeks to somehow complement the pale lips.

This shade is perfect if you are trying ombre lips.  

As for the eye makeup, I think it's best to pair it with light and neutral eye shadow, bare lids even.  But if you want to play with colors, try pastels but still, keep it very subtle since your lips are already accentuated with this lively bubblegum pink.

It really looks so pale on me.

It seems like Saint Germain highly contrasts with my hair color and skin tone.  Not a good contrast that is.  I look darker here.  Eew.  Truth is, I just came back from the beach.  HAHA!  JK.  

It might take some time for me to truly appreciate this color more.  It is a bit similar to NYX Dolly Pink, a pastel pink too which I liked wearing before.  But the finish is different.  I think a few dabs of this will work on me.  I'd prefer mixing it with other darker lippies.  

Regardless of skin tone, just go and rock this color if you want to bring out the Barbie inside you.  :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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