Skin Care 101 + Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - A Few Extras

by - March 01, 2014

Featured on today's post... a lip gloss, night cream and hand/nail lotion.

Remember the makeup bag I showed you before?  It includes this amazing lip tint plus, this lip gloss called You Make Me Glam - Volume My Lips.

I don't normally wear gloss because it feels sticky on the lips.  But if I want a little shine, I'll apply a very tiny bit on top.  Do you collect glosses as much as you collect lippies?

Glossy lips look great with any eye makeup.  I'd like to call them jelly lips.  HIHI!  Of course, tinted version is the best!

This one from The Face Shop comes in a squeeze tube.  Application is a bit difficult to control with this type of packaging.

The color is so easy to predict.  It's what you see from the tube.  It also contains micro-glitters which can really make the lips look fuller.

Consistency is slightly heavy and creamy.  When you remove it, it's like you glided a lollipop on your lips - sticky.  But wiping it with a wet tissue will remove the icky feeling.  Gladly, it doesn't smell strong.  Just a fruity scent.

It might look pale on bare lips, so if you want color you know what to do.

Next, these 2 freebies (sample size) I got my purchase at Beauty Bar.

This is a night cream from Burt's Bees.  It's feels heavier than lotion or moisturizer.  It's nice but upon waking up, I don't feel the smoothness anymore.

Next, the hand/nail cream.

It's good!  Though it lacks scent.

Go and try shopping at Beauty Bar Ph so you can get freebies like these. :)

What do you think?

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