The Chic Closet - Chic Fusion Collection

by - March 25, 2014

Closet now open!!  We present you our first collection this 2014.  You want more trendy crop tops so here they are.  Can you guess which one is my fave?

We called it Chic Fusion because it's a combination of some of the popular crop tops and the favorite prints this summer.

Actually, the prep was very challenging because of our crazy night shift schedule.  Please don't judge if I look like a zombie on almost all photos.  HAHA!  We really did our best to come up with a new collection and it's a relief to see the output.

It was fun shooting outdoors again.  Unfortunately, we were not able to finish everything before sundown so there, the white wall says hello once more.

Please visit our Facebook page to browse the complete album.  More photos will be posted here, as usual and you can follow us on Instagram too! - @thechiccloset

Special discounts will be given as you order more.  For faster transaction, contact us via SMS or Viber.

Happy shopping!!

your sweetest drug,

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