TOUCHDOWN - Cebu 2014

by - March 02, 2014

Sharing some photos from our Cebu trip last month!  Part of it was indeed an adventure that tested my level of independence.  Now, I'm proud to say that I'm officially Ms. Independent. HAHA!  :P

It's exciting and well, sad and painful at the same time.  Nobody wants to be alone, right?  But I think our Big Boss up there, wanted to teach me a lesson.  And dang, I learned a lot!  I had plenty of "I never thought I could do this" moments.  Not to mention a bunch of "holding back my tears, no I ain't gonna cry" moments.  Gaaah, I will never ever forget the experience and the feeling.  For whatever reason, it just proved how much love I could give.  How much I could sacrifice.

For sure, you have no idea what I'm talking about right here, but since it's a long story and it's all in the past as they say, I won't go into details.  HAHA!  Basically, let's just say that it's all about an act of true love.  naks!

Alright, enough telling my side of the story.  There's actually an even better story to tell.  And it's about the wedding!!!  The real star of the trip... the bride - Kris' sister!  I got the chance to witness a beautiful and inspiring wedding.  The event was truly mesmerizing.  The beach, the ceremony and my favorite... the moonlight.  I can still remember every detail.  I even caught myself smiling when I edited the photos. :)

Here's where I first stayed.  My teammate suggested this hotel.  If you're looking for a decent and inexpensive place in Cebu, try Fuente Oro Business Suites.  It's near Osmena Circle and few establishments such as restaurants, salon, drugstore and even Robinson's are within a walking distance.

I paid 1500 php for a superior room that's good for 3 pax.  Their smaller rooms were all occupied so I had to settle for this one.  They allow check-ins as early as 5AM without extra charge, so I had to grab it since we arrived in Cebu City around 2AM.  Yes, I still had to wait though.

They also have a restaurant at the rooftop.  Meal costs around 100 plus to 200 plus.  They only serve until 8PM, but hotel is open for deliveries from other stores.

This, I have to mention.  The breakfast here was nice!  Try the bacon-cheese omelette!  If you want more brekky after finishing your free plate, you can order an additional for only 180 php.

They also have a small cafe at the ground floor which serves TWG tea!  Cupcake Society has delicious cupcakes and to die for macarons!  They gave me 2 for free when I ordered this yummo red velvet cupcake.  I'm still not sure if it's just because it's VDAY that time.  HOHO!

My next hotel... Crown Regency.

I stayed here for a night.  A bigger room surprised me.  What to do with 2 large beds?!  Aaaaand a sofaaaaa!!  It's like consistently reminding me that, "hey, you're alone".  HAHA!

Bathroom was okay and the towels were all mine!!!!  :P

Plus point for the eletric kettle.  It's perfect because I bought a box of Twinning's tea when I shopped for pasalubong at Metro Supermarket, Ayala Center.

Both hotels lack 1 thing.  A remote control for the AC.  I realized how important it is.  I hate it because not having a remote gave me 2 terrible options.  Letter A, get up from bed and adjust the temp, or letter B, just endure the temp.  And because we all love being lazy the feeling of snuggling in a comfy bed, I chose B (all the time).  HAHA!  Too bad it's really cold rather than warm.

Time for my version of #selfie.  HAHA!

Now, the wedding photos!

the proud lil brotha!

More photos...

Hopefully, on my next visit, it would be for Sinulog (and whalesharks)!  :D

That's it!  Stay tuned for the Lookbook post.

your sweetest drug,

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