Just In! - Goodies from iWhite Part 3

by - May 26, 2014

Receiving a gift is exciting.  But receiving a gift when you least expect it?  Man, it's awesomesauce!  I'm not even talking about a typical present here.  This one means a lot because it's something I don't usually get and basically, it's for my #poochoopoochoo blog.  HAHA!

Nuff said, here's what I got from iWhite the 3rd time around!

It shocked me when I saw the mystery box.  I had an idea that it's from iWhite but little did I expect that they'd sent me each piece of all of their products.  Woah.  Thank you soooooo much!

I've already tried everything even before I started blogging.  Well, except for the cream.  Oh yes, I'm a fan.  HAHA!

There are 2 things that surprised me the most.  One, all of these iWhite babies are in their new packaging.  I love the design, definitely a standout in store counters.  #goodjob  Two, there's an unfamiliar bottle containing a sticky liquid.  It's called Purifying Essence and it's used to prep the pores before applying the nose pack.  

Look at mah favorite blackhead killer!  Looking good!

Here's the rest of the goodies.  I now have a summer skin care set - complete from facial wash to whitening mask.

I've already tried doing a mini facial at home using some of these products.  I'll tell you more about the mask and essence in my upcoming posts.

You can find iWhite in our local convenience stores and drugstores.  Go and try this brand!  It doesn't cost much and works great too.

Thank you again, iWhite!

your sweetest drug,

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