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by - May 04, 2014

I won't be surprised if every makeup junkie in the world knows the most successful Youtube beauty guru, Michelle Phan.  I'm a fan too and I'm saying this loud and proud!  Even the boyfriend likes her.  Everytime we watch how Mish (wow close) transforms herself in her videos, we can't help but be amazed.

Last year, she launched her very own makeup line.  I'm so happy for her.  It's definitely a milestone in her career.  What makes EM Cosmetics special is the fact that it's inspired by women all over the world.  I can't imagine how much effort it takes to build a brand like this.  

Ever since I heard about EM, I really looked for ways on how I could get the products.  International shipping and payment was not allowed until early this year.  I felt a little frustrated.  We have relatives in the US, but I'm shy to ask.  Luckily, I discovered an online shop last year and it's a perfect timing because I placed my order during the Thanksgiving sale.  Yay!  

I'll get straight to the point and show you what I bought.

I got 2 lippies.  One in matte and another in classic silky.  

I decided to sell Love Me, not because I hate it (no pun intended HAHA!).  It's just that, I picked another red shade and I do not want dupes and almost dupes in my stash.  


It's housed in this very chic box.  The labels are there and all the things you need to know about your baby.

The tube is not made of plastic.  You can easily tell that it's durable.  When you close it, there's a reassuring clicking sound. 

It's also a nice knowing that the bullet doesn't hit the cover.  

Beautiful shades!  Love Me is the red one right there.  So that means, this post is for Passion Berry.

The photos on their website are a bit deceiving.  They don't show their actual colors.  Take this as an example.  It's somehow displeasing because I thought I got a coral shade.  But then again, I'm still not 100% sure because I didn't swatch it.  Sometimes, you'll never be sure of the color unless you apply it on your lips.

That's the same for Passion Berry.

I'm attracted to berry shades.  Lipsticks with a hint of purple, dark or light - I love them all!  That's why I picked this vampy fella.  


As I've said, you can't trust the store photos.  They made this one look like a perfect "plum", but I think it's not true.  

Nevertheless, it looks gorgeous.  You can build up the color anyway if you really like a darker shade.  When you're in the mood for a no-eye-makeup look, this is your best choice aside from the classic red lips ,of course.  It brightens up the face instantly and it suits any skin color.


Velvety matte.  It doesn't look dry at all.  I love it.


It's very forgiving.  No need to drag it on your lips.  Though because of the size, it's not that easy to control.  If your lips are fuller, then that's not a problem.


Soft and moisturizing.  I even like the scent (and taste)!


It can survive 6-8 hours without drinking or eating.  It doesn't transfer easily on tissues or cups.  #clingy

EM did a great job of coming up with the formula.  Doesn't feel heavy, matte and creamy at the same time. 

Even though it's not the dark-purple I expected, I still fell in love.

I've used it many times already.  Have you checked out my recent Beauty Board post?

As for the price, I saw a lot of comments telling it's not reasonable.  Not only for the lippies, but all EM products.  So, they made it a little lower recently.  If I remember correctly, this one was at 16.50 USD.  Now, you can buy one at 15 bucks - exclusive of tax.  

Overall, I recommend trying out their lipsticks especially matte ones.  They are all highly pigmented and texture is amaze-balls.

I'd love to get more actually, but Korean lip tints are in the top of my list as of now.  

EM is also known for their Life Palettes and they also sell brushes now.  Good news is that, we can buy those for you!  Contact us here for price inquiry.

What do you think?

Check out their website to know more about their products.

your sweetest drug,

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