BURP GUIDE - The French Baker Salon de The

by - June 29, 2014

After a tiring but FUN football clinic session, we tried a new restaurant located in the SM Mega Fashion Hall.  The name is The French Baker Salon de The.  In other words, glammed up French Baker. :)

The place has an elegant vibe with sophisticated chairs and couches.  It's perfect for casual afternoons and good conversations over tea and some sweet treats.

So comfy huh!

The food selection is quite limited.  They specialize in appetizers, pasta, sandwiches and salads.  Good thing, we were actually looking for something light and we're not in the mood to pig-out.

Here are the 2 dishes we tried.

Croque Monsieur (280 php)

This is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Yea, not interesting at first look, but just wait until you taste the sauce.  

Next, beef lasagna (270 php).  Delish.

Aside from cheesecakes, they also have macarons.  It's perfect with our hot tea, so we tried 3 flavors.

34 each

We picked pistacio, raspberry and chocolate.  All of them amazed our taste buds!

For the tea, we got Earl Grey.

With their serving size, it's not the restaurant to visit if you're really starving.  The place is impressive though and again, meant for good conversations over tea and some snacks.

What do you think?

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  1. How's food quality? Is it better than the regular French Baker, or is it purely ambiance that makes it special? :)

    1. food is good enough and when it comes to value for money and serving size, it won't be my top pick. :)

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  3. Croque Monsieur - what sauce? The Croque Monsieur they served me had melted gruyere on it but no white sauce like in your pic.

    1. Hmmm, I'm not really sure but that's what we ordered. The white sauce was for the chips.


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