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by - June 16, 2014

We spotted this unfamiliar restaurant at Trinoma and decided to give it a try.  The place looked nice with a very modern urban vibe. Not to mention the tempting smell and sizzle of patties that welcomed us.   It was a perfect timing because we're in the mood for some #yoloburgermeal.

8 Cuts is an ultimate burger heaven.  For me, it's like a patty lab where they create assorted burger patties and invent various meat blends.  Take note of the word lab - not factory.  Each order is hand-pressed to make sure that it won't look and taste too processed.

According to their FB page, the meaning behind the name is:

8cuts was born to become everyone's neighborhood burger joint. The name ‘8Cuts’ is a reference to the eight cuts of beef used in the 5 custom blends that only 8Cuts offers — chuck, rib eye, short rib, sirloin, brisket, hanger, flank and ox tail.

Price starts at 145 php to 285 php.  For those who loves experimenting, try The Boss Burger (190 php). 

Their patties are made of 100% pure beef.  They have 5 unique blends, but again, you can customize.  

Ready to "meat" 2 of those 8 bad boys?

Not him.  HAHA!  Okaaaay, he's the 9th.

It's going to eat me!!!  :P

Here's Mr. Cheeseburger No. 3 House Blend.  Look how thick the patty is.  Yummo!  Need I say more?

Actually, the flavor was fantastic, but the bun was a little turn-off.  I know they specialize in beef patties, but the bun also plays a supporting role, right?  Their buns were like 80% air.  Nevertheless, this burger is not just your usual boring cheeseburger.  It's excellent, period.

Even though they added only a tiny bit of sauce, we didn't care.  We just knew there's something awesome in every bite, in every chew.

Next, meet Mr. Q-Daddy Ox Blend.  A lot of things going on and the bun couldn't contain it.  HAHA!  Ooh, look at the melted cheese!  

I only tried one bite because I hate mayonnaise and anything that tastes similar to that.  But as for the patty, I must say, it's very distinct.  Not too strong, but still, full of flavor.

We also tried their fries.  Nothing special, so I suggest go for their onion rings instead.  

We'll surely be back to try the other 6 (and onion rings for Kris).  I'm also interested about their other dishes.  Their desserts and shakes seem delish too.  

Burger fanatics will definitely love this place.  

To know more about 8 Cuts, like them on Facebook.

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