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by - June 09, 2014

The first time I heard about Slappy Cakes, I instantly thought of Jaela Bear (my niece).  I mean, cooking your pancakes right at your table?  It sounds fun for kids (and for kids at heart)!  And after several months, we've finally tried it.  So today, I'm sharing some photos.

Aside from pancakes, Slappy Cakes offer delish meals too, mostly brekky since it's an all-day breakfast type of resto.  We tried one but I forgot to take a picture cause we're really starving at that time.  Their entrees are good for sharing, but I have to warn you about one thing.  Their rice is like gold!  HAHA!  It's sooooo expensive! (#annoying) Other dishes look good too but damage starts at 200 php.

We got 1 buttermilk as our batter and for our topping, we picked chocolate chips.  One bottle costs around 225 php and basic topping is 45 php per serving.  Good thing their maple and mango (must-try) syrup are free.  

The cooking part was easy.  Even kids can make their own (obviously).  Just watch them closely cause they may accidentally touch the hot areas around the griddle.

It's difficult to create shapes aside from the usual mini circles.  HAHA!

Remember the ultimate pancake rule?  Once you see bubbles, it's time to flip it over! :)

Say hello to Cloudy Man.

I liked the taste of the melted choco chips.  How about you?  What's your fave pancake topping?  Do you like fruits?  

Kaori, me and Jaela

Next time, I'd try their other dishes, especially their brekky.

You'd really appreciate Slappy Cakes if you dine in with kids.  If I were a millionaire, this would be my child's birthday party venue.  HAHA!

What do you think?

Visit their website here for the complete menu and more info.

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