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by - June 10, 2014

I discovered an app that's perfect for people who's always on-the-go, a little obsessed about sharing stories, interested in blogging but got no time for it and totally hates character limit.  Just imagine yourself being able to finish a blog post in 5 to 10 minutes tops.  Awesome.

Dayre, an app available on iOS and Android phones/tables, makes the world of blogging simpler, faster and more convenient.  

Start a food blog, travel or beauty blog in an instant!  Just sign up, create your personalized URL, confirm your email address and start posting.  Follow me too! <3

Basically, it compiles all your short updates and turn it into a daily blog post.  You can post a photo or video, check-in, write anything and even add cool stickers.  And the most amazing part, it's free!

I'll use Dayre as an extension of this blog.  How?  I'll sometimes do a snippet of my current post, add a little more stuff and share it there.  Sounds like a duplicate?  Could be, but nope!  I'll also share other bite-sized stories.  Aaaaaaaand I'll try my best to make it interesting.  HAHA! :)

Talk to you there, Dayre-mates!

*photo from Roy P.

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