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by - June 22, 2014

Can I go straight to my quickie update?  HAHA!  Honestly, I'm not in the mood to write a post, maybe because today, I didn't get my dose of caffeine.  Argh, I hate it.  Oh well, let me start sharing what I bought recently.

Forever 21 had a buy one take one promo on accessories last month, so I got 2 rings and a pair of earrings.  

New shoes~~ yeeeeeeey!!  I found this cute pair of comfy flats.  It's from SM Parisian and it's only 400 php!  The other one above is from Cotton On, same price cause it's on sale.  It's actually my first time to try Rubi, so I have no idea about the quality.

And the last set, 2 hair care products and a very expensive serum.  Gah.  I'm still pretending that I didn't pay for 2,200 php.  T_T

Anyway, the first one on the left is a hair mist.  It has a fresh scent and it's my superhair-o on bad hair days.  Next, a dry shampoo.  Yep, I said DRY.  I'll tell you more about it on a separate post.  I forgot the exact price, but I think both cost around 250 php.  

So as I mentioned, the serum really made me cry a little.  But then again, aside from the fact that it's 2-in-1, serums in general, even eye creams alone are really expensive.  I have to try it for at least a month before sharing a review.  

Now, my fave part!  

Currently Loving: A hot coffee or tea after meal.  I'll choose that over dessert.  Hmm... maybe not.  :P

My LSS: Rather Be by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne 

Recently Watched: How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2!!  Thanks Baby for forcing me to watch this awesome movie!  I want my own Toothless!

ABSpiration Update: I'm very serious now.  HAHA!  I only got 2 weeks to tone my abs.  Oh no!  We are going to Boracay again and I'm working my ass off to look better in my swimsuit.  I'm drinking lots of water, lemon-cucumber-orange water that is, doing my workout 2-3 times a week and trying my very best to eat clean.  

Craving For: This.

Okay, did I say something about eating clean?  HAHA!

Have a great week ahead!

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Empty a spray bottle and wash it properly. Add conditioner in it, half cup, and fill half bottle with warm water, shake well to mix. Then add coconut oil and mix again.
    Spray it to damp hair and enjoy silky way all day long!


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