Xtra 3 Tone Grey Contact Lens

by - June 02, 2014

Three months ago, I bought 2 new pairs of contact lenses.  Well partly, it's a waste of money for someone like me who hates to wear them several times in a week, but I'd like to force myself a little this time and allow my glasses to rest in peace in it's case for some time.  Unfortunately, I still can't do it.  HAHA!  You can't blame me because I'm often deprived of sleep and my eyes get really really dry.  I'd like to save my eyes from that kind of torture.

Thinking about it, lenses which last a year are good enough even you don't use it much.  And considering the price?  I only paid 1,200 for these 2 pairs.

I got these again from The Optical Shop.  They are also an official distributor of Geolica contact lenses.

I've already shared a review about FC-724 or also called as Fresh Brown here.  This time, I tried out a new color.

3-tone!  It's my first time to try this.  I wanted a grey pair for a little variety. The code is WT-B75.  Name is Xtra 3 Tone Grey.

It's perfect but I have 1 problem.  I got the wrong diameter.  Pft.  It's in 14.5, not the usual 14.2.

I didn't notice the difference until I wore it.  It's still comfy though.  I just find it more drying than the normal size.

It has a not-so-black outer ring, gray layer and yellowish inner ring.  Here's how it looks like on a black iris.

a photo from my makeup post

I don't know if you can tell, but with this size, the lens tend to cover larger part of the eyes.  

With how it blends, it doesn't seem to lighten my dark iris.  The inner ring is barely visible as well.

Let me share before and after photos.

I only wear this if there's a special occasion or event.  Normally, I'd choose this over the other brown lens for Beauty Board posts cause I like to emphasize the eyes when I experiment makeup looks.  Fresh brown lenses on the other hand, are good for everyday use.  By everyday, I mean for office.  HAHA!  Weekends too, I guess.  Nevertheless, I still prefer my glasses. (ooh, rhyming!)  :)

What do you think?

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