BURP GUIDE - Cocina Luna Pub & Kitchen

by - August 17, 2014

Malabon City is probably becoming the next Banawe, Maginhawa and even Kapitolyo.  Many restaurants and cafes are popping up here and there.  The best part, it's 10 minute away from home!

Our latest discovery is Cocina Luna Pub & Kitchen.

photo from their Facebook page

We loved the place!  There's a unique vibe once you see the facade.  And as you enter... gah!  You'll love it even more!  It's exactly what I have in mind if ever I'd get to start my own simple restaurant. #dreamsarefree

Unpainted walls and lots of artsy stuff everywhere.

Now, onto the food.  But first, let me share their very uncomplicated menu.

Nothing more than 150 php!  Yea!

We tried their 2 best seller dishes.  First, their very own version of a Pinoy's all-time fave, Tapsilog.

Their homemade vinegar is the bomb!  It's actually sweet, you'll wonder if it's really vinegar.  The meal also comes with a slice of orange, but honestly, I wasn't sure what to do about it.

"Should I squeeze it over the tapa?"

"Should I eat it after?"

Kris - no comment.  He doesn't like fruits.  Pft.

The tapa was delish!  It's loaded with flavors.  It a bit sweet and at the same time a bit spicy.  I loved the garlic flakes too.  Divine.

The rice though was not so good.  It didn't taste like fried rice or sinangag.  Maybe plain rice would be better.  :(

Next, Pulled Pork Burgers.

No need to order for additional fries.  Yay!  For only 150 php, you'd get 3 baby burgers and a literally, a bucket of fries.

Here's a closer look.

Instead of a regular patty, they used pulled-pork and added their homemade BBQ sauce.  There's also a slice of cheese, onion ring and bacon.

Since the pork's flavor was very strong, maybe because of the marinate and sauce, we didn't notice the taste of the other toppings.

Lastly, we also tried their Special Blended Iced Tea which looked like a chocolate drink at first look.

It's almost like Wendy's iced tea or Army Navy's Libertea.  It's super good!  The sweetness though was above 100%, so we poured more water.

Definitely, we will go back.  :)

Like them on Facebook for more details.

By the way, it's Ladies Night every Wednesday from 7PM to 10PM.  Buy 1 take 1 on any alcoholic drinks.  Discounted drinks from Monday to Friday, same time for their Happy Hour.

What do you think?

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