Make Up And Hair - Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Ballerina and Emerald Green

by - October 26, 2014

I got these two eyeliners by Holika Holika because of their buy 1 take 1 promo.  These are called Jewel-light and they come in waterproof crayon type.  Although I admit, I don't need too much eyeliner in my stash.  As long as I have black, I'm good.  White is also a plus point because I love lining my waterlines with that color.  So far, I'm surviving without having a white pencil because I use white eyeshadow powder as an alternative and gladly, it works.

I picked Pink Ballerina #17 and Emerald Green #19 which I think, is very far from a true emerald green, but still, it's a pretty color.  Both are not glittery.  They are actually very matte for an eyeliner.

Since it's like a crayon, a very slim crayon that is, that means you can sharpen it.

"I love you" in Korean

Pink Ballerina is a very peachy color while Emerald Green is more of a teal than green.

I have to say, this eyeliner by Holika Holika is super pigmented.  Good color payoff, indeed.

You don't have to apply to much pressure because it glides smoothly on skin.  It's not patchy as well.  Putting on primer or moisturizer prior can also help especially for people who have dry skin.

I like applying this vibrant teal color like so.  It's very edgy and adds a fun vibe to your look.  It's perfect for beach/street parties or even music festivals.

This is how it looks like.  Since I have small "eye folds", it's not very visible unless I look down or close my eyes.  I also applied it a little thicker to make it pop.  :)

The peach pencil doesn't look good on the lids so I use it for the waterlines.  It kinda looks odd so I always top it off with white eye shadow to fade it a bit.  I also find it helpful because the powder tends to cling to the waterproof formula, making it lasts longer.

It will turn out like this.

About the waterproof test, I tried to rub it and it didn't budge.  I also tried doing the "water splash" test and it didn't smear.  Though when I rubbed it with water, it eventually smudged but not that easily.  Net, I'd say it stayed in place all day, err day.  :P

You should use a good makeup remover like Innisfree's Apple Juicy (click here for review) to completely take it off.

The finish reminds me of Maybelline Tattoo eyeshadow.

By the way, I also tried using Pink Ballerina as a lip color because I couldn't really make use much of it as an eye pencil.  Unfortunately, it's a wrong move.  HAHA!  It didn't look right.  The taste was disgusting too (I didn't eat it, of course).  Now that I already warned you, don't even dare.  :P

How about vibrant eye makeup for a change?

What do you think?

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  1. Hi where did you buy this po ung buy one take one promo? the emerald one looks good on you and the packaging is so cute. Do they have a promo in black? i wanna buy one also. Thanks :)

    1. yep, very nice quality and i love na they are super pigmented and smudgeproof. you can order from our shop, we're about to order from Korea again this week. we give out free samples too -

  2. Wow, that's really attractive. I like the emerald green eyeliner.

    1. Yes, it's perfect for a summer or festival eye look :)


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