Sample Stash - Tony Moly Panda's Dream Hand Cream

by - October 09, 2014

For all hand cream fanatics (and panda lovers) out there, here's a product you must try.

The packaging of the full-size version is cuter!  Look at this!


Tony Moly's Panda's Dream line includes whitening products from eye stick, sleeping pack to face cream.  Have you tried any of them?

So far, I don't see the use and value of hand creams and I totally can live without one.  But, I know a few people with very dry hands and they told me that they always carry a hand lotion to hydrate their skin.  It's a must-have for some.

Here's what it looks like.

The consistency is similar to normal body lotions.  It doesn't dry out immediately so it would feel very sticky after application.  The texture is buttery and the scent is great!  Are you familiar with kisses?  No, not the chocolate.  Back in grade school, we have these tiny, colorful seed-like stuff in our pencil case.  They smelled incredibly sweet.  We're supposed to place them on a cotton ball because there's a belief that they would multiply.  We didn't know how, I think no one knew how,
but we still tried it anyway.  HAHA!

I think it's a very moisturizing hand cream but it will still be very hard to convince a non-hand lotion user like me to buy the full-size version.  Whitening properties?  Yes, why not.  If ever, I'd use it on my body not just on my hands.

What do you think?

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