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by - November 11, 2014

Remember my post about the first blogger event I attended last month?  I mentioned that N.Cat gave me a gift bag containing a few Nature Republic goodies.  I already showed you the items I got but let me share their solo pictures.  No review yet though because that comes separately.  #youknowthedrill

If you have been with me for a while now, you're probably aware that I'm a big fan of Korean cosmetic brands.  I've tried a number of products already, skincare and makeup and mostly not the luxury ones.  So imagine my reaction when they handed me this awesome bag.  HAHA!  I was trying to calm myself down but I couldn't help but be giddy.

I was given 3 sample-sized products, 1 full-size and 1 face mask sheet.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

I'm still not sure how to use this product and what it is for.  I did a little research and most bloggers said that this one is multi-functional.  Seems popular too.  Some people use this as an all-in-one moisturizer for face and body.  Some use this as a skin reliever and to treat burns.  Net, it's a very versatile gel.

Currently, I use it on my face, at night as a moisturizer.  For sure, this tub will be with me for some time because of the size.

Nature Republic Snail Solution 80 Emulsion

Snail gunk again.

This little guy here is only a part of the Snail Solution Set.  It's supposed to be used along with it's brothers, Booster 90 and Cream 70 (3-step process).  If you're wondering about the numbers, it basically indicates the percentage of snail secretion filtrate in each product.

Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 Essence and Cream

The bag doesn't include Booster 90 but I got Essence 70.  Maybe a cousin.  HIHI!

These two are a bit bigger than usual sample sachets I've seen.  Cool.  I can't wait to put snail slime on mah face.  :P

I think each of these products are also sold in full-size version aside from the 3-step sets.

Nature Republic California Aloe Sunblock SPF 35 PA++

Sunscreen, hooray!  Just in time because I will run out of sunblock very soon.  (Click here to check out what I'm currently using.)

Nature Republic Argan 20 Degrees Mask Sheet

See the label right there?  Not for sale.  I think that's because this is a promotional item.

So far, this is the first mask I've seen with Argan oil as its key ingredient.  Interesting.  This oil is very popular these days, right?

Do I need to mention who's on the packaging?  Come on.  It's EXO!  By the way, I like their song, XOXO. :)

N.Cat (or Nature Republic) was kind enough to include cotton pads.  I actually don't buy these because I just use the normal cotton balls.  I'm not sure of the difference, anyway.

Once again, thanks to N.Cat for inviting me and for these amazing gifts!  <3

Stay tuned for the reviews!

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