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by - November 06, 2014

Two weeks ago, I received an invitation from N.Cat for their blogger event that was held at their very first store in the Philippines located inside Japan Homes, Park Square, Makati.  I got overwhelmed actually, because it's my first time to be officially invited to a "blogger event".  So happy!  

Quick background first about the shop.  

Naughty Cat is the no. 1 accessories store in Korea.  They have over 100 branches and have been in the industry for almost 23 years.  They are known for the "Pink House" concept and most especially the trendy, affordable and wide array of accessories from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hats, bags, you name it - they have it.  

Now that we have N.Cat here in Manila, it's the ultimate go-to store if you want to shop and hoard accessories.  

After the registration, I was given a VIP pass and a 250 gift card.  All guests also got 20% discount.

I was speechless when I saw the broad selection of accessories.  

My first stop, dainty necklaces. 

Who loves stacking rings? 

Everything was organized and there's a price poster on top.  I find it very efficient because I could go straight to a section according to my budget. 

The store was also clean and well-lit.  

quick #mirrorselfie

They also have these pretty waterproof pouches.  

Accessories for all ages!  When I saw this corner, I instantly thought of Jaela, my niece.  I'll definitely bring her with me on my next visit.  

Headbands galore!

Okay, basket not yet full.  There's room for more.  :)

Here's an alternative to Bigbang's crown.

Aside from the cute accessories, they also have elegant 14k gold-filled, silver earrings and swarovski.

I also saw these mix and match earrings.  Pretty cool.

I spent almost half an hour rummaging the aisle.  HAHA!

They have phone cases as well.  

More hair accessories at one side.

I think N.Cat should borrow SM's tagline, "we got it all for you".  'Cause they certainly have all kinds of accessories I could think of.

Caps like these are popular in Korea.

How cute!  Matching earrings are so mainstream.  Why not try these?  :P

Scroll down for more photos.

Yep, they have Men section too.

I got several items and because of the discount, I paid only 300 php plus.  #somuchwin  

Here's another thing that thrilled me.  They gave me a Nature Republic bag full of skin care goodies!  Plus, an umbrella!

Time to show you what I bought.

I got 5 hair accessories.  

Bows for messy bun or half-pony.

I love these hair bands because they can double up as a bracelet/arm band.

Next, earrings and necklaces.

Another thing I love about N.Cat is their presentable packaging.  

 "Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni" (My Sun and Stars in Dothraki) - Game of Thrones

Here are my freebies!

You know how much I love Korean cosmetics!

Thank you so much, N.Cat for a wonderful experience and for these goodies!  I'll come back for sure because I just thought of a nice gift idea this Christmas season. 

I can't wait to see more branches soon!  

Keep calm and accessorize!  Visit the shop if you're looking for cute, trendy, high-quality, unique and affordable accessories whether it's for yourself or as gifts.   

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your sweetest drug,

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