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by - December 19, 2014

It's the last weekend before Christmas!  How's your holiday shopping so far?  Kris and I are almost done.  Just a few gifts left and we can finally rest and enjoy our holiday break.  

Since there's only a very minimal work for me for the next 2 weeks, I'm feeling a bit excited because that means I'd have more time for my blog and for the shop.  I know it's kinda disappointing for some of our shoppers since we didn't release a Holiday Collection this year.  I feel bad too.  So to make up for that, we are now working on a new set, our first collection for 2015 that is.  As for the blogging part, a new makeup look is on it's way, though I'm still not sure if I'd do a video or just the normal Beauty Board post.  I miss editing and there are a lot of awesome songs in my head, which I think would be perfect for a makeup video.  HAHA!  

Furthermore, my usual yearender posts such as 2014 Favorites, 2014 Highlights and my Christmas wishlist are also in the works.  No VS Fashion Show post yet because I haven't watched it.  I already have the copy though, so I might share it next week.

If you are planning to do last-minute shopping this weekend, make sure to think of the gift items beforehand and list them down.  Much better if you indicate the stores as well.  Trust me.  It would be a lot less hassle that way.

Happy weekend!

your sweetest drug,

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