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by - February 25, 2015

How's your brow game, ladies?  If you ask me, well, I'm still mastering my skills to achieve perfectly neat and filled brows.  Again, I admit that I don't excel in the reshaping and grooming department.  I always struggle when I don't follow my their natural shape.  All I know is how to fill them in.  That's it.

But thanks to my new brow weapons, it's now easier for me to practice.  I really made a good choice buying a brow crayon and of course, its reliable partner, browcara.

Before, I was only using eye shadow as my filler.  It worked for me and actually, I still reach for it from time to time.  Recently, I finally decided to "press Q" (control to switch weapons in an action game called Counter Strike HAHA!) and now 'em bad boys are happier.

In the brow arsenal, I chose this crayon type called Wonder Drawing by Holika Holika.  It's the common multipurpose tool because it has a spoolie brush at one end and the actual colored stick at the other.

Obviously, no need to sharpen.  All you need to do is to twist it.

According to the product description, this one's very long lasting.  See the label?  It says 24 hours (keep on reading to see how it looked like after several hours).

I picked Dark Brown.  The other shades are Gray Black, Light Brown and Red Brown.

What I love about it:

  • color payoff is pretty good even with light pressure
  • it glides on smoothly
  • stick is not too thick and it's angled - perfect if you want a more precise application
  • travel friendly - no need to bring a separate brush
  • easy to use
  • perfect tool to use if you're in a hurry
  • fills in sparse areas nicely
  • has a waxy formula - lasts longer than powder

I'm good with the color intensity at the this point because the browcara will darken them eventually.  

  • spoolie brush is not very well attached - you may need to use scotch tape to prevent it from coming off
  • the stick may break if you're not too careful

Seriously, ever since I tried brow tint, I realized what I had missed all my life.  HAHA!  The effect is just mind-blowing.

Browcara instantly makes brows look fantastic.  There's really a huge difference.  Trust me.

As my second weapon, here's Eyelove Proof Browcara, still from Holika Holika.  It's water and sweat-proof as per product description.  By the way, I didn't really look for long-lasting brow tools when I was shopping for these two.  I just picked them because they're not too expensive.  However, the longevity is a plus point for me.

my right eye looks weird here :P

The brush has a fat middle and it's slimmer towards the tip.  I do not have any problem with this type of applicator.

It only comes in 2 shades.  Of course, I picked Natural Brown to match the brow crayon.  The other one is Light Brown.

When I need to rush my makeup or whenever I feel lazy (and that's 80% of the time), I just use either the browcara or the brow stick.

What I love about it:
  • very pigmented - though I'm not sure if the Light Brown shade has the same color intensity
  • really tames unruly brows 
  • gives a neat and natural finish
  • can be used alone
  • does not make the hair stiff
  • clings well to the hair strands
  • fills in sparse area
  • no strange scent

I apologize for the bad lighting.  I only used my iPhone's camera. :)

My makeup look here seems super incomplete without filled brows.  You can instantly point out what's lacking.  HIHI!  

looking like Snow White in the right photo HAHA!

Honestly, I cannot think of anything negative about this product.  To be honest, I wouldn't mind purchasing it again.  Maybe one watch-out I could share is that, one tube doesn't contain too much product.  Most likely, it will last a month or two.  Better to get two pieces, so you'll have a backup.  :)

As I mentioned, the brow tint makes the color darker.  Just a tip, don't go cray cray when applying.  Small amount goes a long way.

Ready to see the result of the "water-proof test"?

just got home from the office

There's still some color left after washing it with water.

I also don't need to use a makeup remover to completely take it off.  Using a facial cleanser does the trick.  But clearly, it's not 100% waterproof.  

Overall, I'm loving this combination.  They help me to keep my eyebrow game strong!  

What do you think?

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