Skin Care 101 - Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch

by - February 12, 2015

They said I could be anything, so I became a panda.

And so I did.  Thanks to Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch! :P

Dark circles, puffy eyebags and fine lines, almost all of us have under eye problems.  It's really annoying because they're so difficult to alleviate, that's why we just rely on concealers.  Some people use treatments as a remedy, and they treat it as a vital step in their skin care routine, but based on my experience, it's also not easy to find a very effective eye cream that will get rid of these issues for good.  And if they do, you would probably see results after a long period of time.

Here's how I basically take care of the skin around my eyes.  

1) I make sure it's moisturized.
2) I make sure it's protected (sunscreen).
3) I make sure that the product I'm using is not too strong for my skin.

I'll talk more about the importance of eye care products on my next post, because I'm now using a new eye cream, so a review will definitely come.

Aside from creams and gels, you can also use eye masks and patches.  You can also go old school and put on a slice of cucumber on each eye.  Don't lie.  I know you tried that!  HAHA!  

This under eye patch by Tony Moly will give you panda eyes!  In a cute way, of course.  HIHI!

I thought they just came up with the cool product name for this, so I was amused when I saw what's inside.

One pack comes with a pair (obviously, because you need 2 sheets for your 2 eyes).  And the sheets are black!!!  Oh dear!  My sometimes-i-want-to-be-a-panda fantasy became reality... somehow.  

It is very similar with regular facial masks.  Material looks the same, except for the color and all other apparent characteristics.  The sheet's quality is nice too.  It didn't break easily even if I tugged it.  It's also very soaked with the formula.  The masks are separated by this net-ish thing.  

The formula felt sticky, but it didn't dry out very fast.  

I wasn't sure how to put it on, so I just kinda guessed.  HAHA!  The label at the back shows that the "slit" should be like a downward "C".  From there, I followed my panda instinct.  :P

First, I tried to put it like so (above photo), with the "lids" open.  Next, I tried to cover everything (below photo), and it looked strange... and silly.

It felt nice and snug.  There's a slight cooling sensation, which I loved.  It stung my eyes a little when the liquid went in (and that's when I was trying to position the patch while I took the photos), but it's not that painful.

I can't remember the exact scent right now, but I'm pretty sure it's not strong and it's pleasant.

Panda, ninja or Zorro?  HAHAHA!

Later on, I decided to just cover the area completely.  

Okaaay, at this point, I was trying to be a good blogger.  It's hard to take photos when you have eye patches on!  HAHAH!

After 20 minutes, it dried out so it's time to remove it.  By the way, I applied toner and moisturizer prior using these.  

I felt that the skin around my eyes became softer and more moisturized.  I can't really tell if it reduced the puffiness though.  Maybe I have to use it in the morning to test it further.

Anyway, I got this for free.  As you can see in the label, "not for sale".  I think it's a promotional item, but the actual product looks exactly the same.

You can get this locally from Tony Moly at 58 php each (as per their Website).

What do you think?

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