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by - March 02, 2015

If you've watched my makeup video, Gold & Bold, for sure you've also seen this eyeliner in action.  As I've shared before, when I was conceptualizing the look, I eagerly looked for a gold accent for the eyelids.  I tried swatching gold stuff at beauty counters such as eyeliners, cream eye shadow, eye glitters and more.  I was then magnetized by Maybelline's promo at that time.  They were having 20-30% sale!  Oh yea!  I saw this liquid liner and tried to apply it on the back of my hand a couple of times.  I was amazed by the finish!  Just.  Perfect.

I got this for only 230 php (originally at 329 php).

It's called Hyperglossy Liquid Liner.  I saw around 5 colors at Maybelline's counter, but I only got the shade Gold-lation.

It's housed in a typical liquid liner packaging, where you have to dip the applicator into a small cylinder.

You can easily tell the color of the eyeliner because of the packaging as well.

The brush is designed to be flexible so it's slightly longer than others.  It's not super skinny and not on the thick side as well.

As for the handle, it has a nice length for better grip.

I applied a filter to this photo so the color lighten.  In real life, it's very pigmented.  You don't need to create layers and layers to get an extremely opaque gold color.

Once it dries, you'll have beautiful metallic-slash-glossy finish.  Perfection.

Let me share some photos from the makeup video I was telling you about.

While I was waiting for it to completely dry, it feels a bit weird on the skin, but nothing irritating.

What I love about it:
  • still affordable - it's rare to see good quality liquid liners in different colors in drugstores
  • very pigmented - if the black version is just as good, I swear I'm gonna grab that one too!
  • awesome finish
  • long-wearing
  • does not budge (unless you rub it with water)
  • waterproof
  • not messy to remove
  • brush is soft
  • clings very well even on top of eye shadow powder

The only watch-out is again, the precision.  It's easy to work through the upper lash lines and create a wing with the applicator, but you also need a very stable hand and a lot of control.  Resting my pinky finger under my eyes helps a lot, which is great.  

Be it a thin, sharp line or a thick one like I did here, remember to use small strokes and connect everything gradually to avoid wonky lines.  This is a very typical, foolproof trick especially for beginners.

Now, ready to see how bulletproof it is?

I'm not sure though if super oily lids will make this liner smear.  Better use a primer to be sure.  

Here's another tip for those who are really worried about their wobbly hands.  If the applicator of Hyperglossy still gives you a hard time, try using a separate eyeliner brush.  If you already have one that does the trick for you, then go ahead.  You can either dip your brush in, or dab it onto the bristles of the applicator to get the product.

Overall, I really love this eyeliner.  I'm impressed!  It's a must try if you're someone who's very much into colored eyeliners.  If not, go ahead and still try it.  #forachange  It's a chic way to add oomph to any makeup look.

What do you think?

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