My First Airbnb Experience and My #WhereToNext Listing

by - March 18, 2015

One of my life goals is to get my own pad - preferably nearer to civilization ('cause it's like we're living at the edge of the metro) and an outfit-photo-worthy surrounding would be a nice bonus treat.  I know for a fact that it's kind of a long-shot for a young professional like me who earns a salary in the "Enough To Survive and Splurge Sometimes" category.  The urge to make this dream come true became stronger when I've reached this tough phase called quarter life. #welcometotheclub

Well, my reasons to move out do not revolve around having a fancy life, nor proving my independence, but rather because it is getting harder and harder to travel from home to work and vice versa.  It's tiring and I feel that it's taking a toll on me.  And I know, some of you who are reading this might have raised a brow already.  Believe me.  I'm thankful for my job and I consider myself lucky to have one.  But I'm only human (born to make mistakeeeeeesss... now sing!), so it's normal to complain and feel frustrated sometimes.

Two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to experience the convenience I've been yearning for.  I had a good reason to rent a place close to our south office and to BGC, where Liz Lanuzo's 7th Blog Anniversary celebration was held (I'll tell you more about it on my next post).  And let me tell you my Bae, travel was easy breezy!

Of course, booking a hotel room was the first thing my brain told me to do.  But after a few minutes of trying to find a cheap and decent one online, I stopped and suddenly remembered some sites offering short-term condo unit rentals.

Eventually, I landed on this appealing website called Airbnb.  The innovative, up-to-date layout and easy navigation got me.  

Here are the things I love about this online booking/rental tool.
  • Straightforward search options - with just a few clicks, you would be able to browse through different listings according to your preference (I just hope there's a button to sort them by price)
  • Hassle-free signup process - just connect it to your Facebook account, verify via email/SMS and you're good to go
  • Unique and amazing accommodations - the listings are waaaaay too different from hotel rooms/units, you might even see your dream home here!  I was blown away especially with the international listings
  • Short-term rentals - perfect for those who just need a place for a night or two, want a quick break from a noisy neighbor, have early appointments or for those travelling 
  • Payment mode - they accept major credit cards, Paypal transaction and more
  • Affordable - you can get a hotel-like place with access to amenities for a fraction of the price
  • Mobile App - on-the-go booking?  Yes!


I rented a studio unit in Flair Towers.  I just paid 1050 php per night, plus cleaning fee and Airbnb service fee.  Yep, I know.  That's a good deal right there considering it's an upscale condo nestled near major business districts.  Not to mention, it's almost beside EDSA and a few blocks away from SM Megamall.

inside the elevator - perfect for those who cannot skip taking a #ootd shot

I had an awesome stay!  I now know what it feels like to have your own space even just for two nights.  

Airbnb is indeed a better and cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation especially when travelling abroad.  There are listings with sufficient space for a group of 5 or more and there are gazillions of choices that can match any budget.  So, the next time you go on a trip with your friends or family, make sure to browse lodgings here first.  

My girl friends and I are planning to explore HongKong for the first time, so as early as now, I've been on Airbnb to look for a perfect temporary home in an unfamiliar land.

Of course, location is a key requirement.  We want a quick access to public transport.  A cozy ambiance would be nice too because for sure, we'll tire ourselves to death the entire day touring the city.

Here's my choice, a fully furnished 2BR apartment in Causeway Bay.

I love the huge windows.  I can surely take advantage of that spot to take makeup videos and photos for my blog!  The acrylic chairs gives a chic touch as well.

The place looks so inviting and stylish.  It kinda reminds me of Korean homes I see in drama series.

The kitchen and bathroom are packed with necessities as well.  Don't bother bringing basic toiletries because the host made 'em available.  

I appreciate that simple vanity dresser and again, huge windows to welcome natural lighting.  

Did I already mention that this listing almost has 5 stars???  

The entire place would cost a person around 2,000 php per night (group of 4).  Not bad!


#WhereToNext #Airbnb #AirbnbPH

I hope you find this post helpful.  If you're ready to try Airbnb, head to this link and sign up (as a guest or as a host).  This is my official and SPECIAL invitation for you, because once you do your first booking, you will get a 1,114 php discount!!!  Crazy??!!!  I know!!!  Use it on your next of of the town trip!  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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