Skin Care 101 - Innisfree Blackberry Mask

by - March 21, 2015

I hope you're having a great and restful weekend!

Kris and I had a simple dinner and enjoyed each other's company over a delightful dessert and coffee.  He's not into fancy birthday celebrations, so we didn't plan anything new or extraordinary.  It's like our normal weekend date.

Anyway, here's another facial mask review.  Hmmmm... berries!

This is probably a skincare product I love to collect.  Fortunately, the good ones are not too expensive, so buying in bulk won't hurt that much.  Actually, I wonder if I already have a phobia of running out of these soaked sheets.  HAHA!

They're like an instant gratification for the face.  Each sheet is drenched with all the good stuff our skin needs and needless to say, it is soooo easy to use.  Just open the pack, slap it on and enjoy a pampering session.

The key ingredient of this mask by Innisfree is blackberry.  It is a good source of Vitamin A and C, which are known as great antioxidants and collagen-forming.

From the It's Real Squeeze Mask line, this one's the bomb when you need anti-aging properties.  There's also Kiwi mask for skin purifying and Green Tea for moisturizing. I normally go for hydrating ones, but I gravitated towards Blackberries because I've already tried a green tea mask before.  And besides, all face masks without a doubt, are skin's thirst quencher.

The product claims that skin's moisture will increase by 125% after application.

What I love about it:
  • no tingling sensation
  • feels very cooling (but not minty type of cool)
  • skin feels supple and replenished
  • not ultra-sticky
  • brings back moisture
  • does not break me out
  • fast-absorbing
  • sheet is really soaked 
  • adheres well
  • pleasant scent - not fruity nor sweet (not sure if it smells like blackberries because I haven't seen one)

  • tears easily (you have to be extra careful when unfolding it)
  • not sure if there's any long-term effect
  • face feels a bit greasy when I wake up (I always use it before going to bed)

One pack contains 20ml of product, which can last up to two times of usage.  While in the pouch, I lightly pinch the sheet to remove excess product and then, I transfer it to a small container.  If you don't have extra face sheets, you can use cotton pads.  If you don't have cotton pads, you can just massage the cream all over your face.

I use facial masks like this one whenever I feel that my skin needs a boost of moisture or if there's an occasion the next day where I need to have a smooth and revitalized face.  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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