Skin Care 101 - Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam

by - March 28, 2015

Ever since cleansing oils made their appearance in the face cleansing arena, I've seen a lot of converts.  It seems many people love them so much.  I want to try it as well, but I'm a bit skeptical about the product.  I'm not sure if it would do wonders on my normal/combination skin, so I still opted for my good old cleansing buddy, cleansing foam.

Thanks to Tita Mars for this awesome Christmas gift!

I only use facial washes like this at night because that's when I need to really remove dirt and makeup.  In the morning, I use the facial cleanser given to me by Dermax.  I'll tell you more about my AM and PM skincare routine soon.

Innisfree's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam promises to gently cleanse the skin without stripping it's natural moisture.  It contains 20% green tea extract according to their website.  I don't see sulfate and alcohol in the list of ingredients as well, though there's fragrance, so people who are sensitive to that might need to stay away from this product.

For me, it is just a simple cleansing foam.  It lathers really well, but doesn't feel too soapy or anything.  You would need only a pea-sized amount and that's enough to clean the face.

It doesn't smell like green tea (or any kind of tea), but there's a slightly strong perfumy scent to it.  Good thing it disappears after a few minutes.

Here's how it removes makeup, or better yet this mess right here.  HAHA!

I only have one thing that's waterproof on the back of my hand, which is the peach eyeliner by Holika Holika.  That's a tough one to remove, so we'll see.

Yep, I told you that's a tough eyeliner right there.  HAHA!  But the rest of the makeup were removed completely.  No traces.

Overall, the cleansing power is easy to beat, but despite of that, I love how it leaves my skin still soft and not squeaky like a newly washed plate.  I don't find it drying at all.

Since it contains green tea goodness, it's also suitable for troubled and dry skin.

One last tip, if you have too much makeup on especially the waterproof ones, better to use a makeup remover or cleansing wipes first.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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