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by - April 21, 2015

So, guess who took me out on a date.  Yep, it's Kris.  Of course, it's Kris!  HAHA!  (if not, I'd be in big trouble)  He suddenly thought of trying out this new restaurant which he heard of from a friend.  If you're in the mood for something cute or maybe you wanna be in a place which screams "CUTE" (like everywhere you look at, you just want to say "it is so cute, I'm gonna die!!!") or perhaps you just want to have a great coffee, treat or dessert (or a memorable date like what we had) then, I could only think of one thing.  Try The Bunny Baker!  Go!  Now!  Seriously.

The name itself and the view outside were enough to make me giddy.  The feeling was like knowing you're about to enter wonderland.  

The Bunny Baker is open daily, from 7 AM to 12 midnight.  You can check out the menu here.  They serve all-day breakfast and homey and light meals.  They make cupcakes too!  If you're not into that, you can try their gelato called Bunnylato or their delectable desserts.

We went there for something sweet and a good cup of coffee, so I have nothing to say about their dishes.  Maybe next time.

The place has a nice, mood-boosting ambiance.  Everything fits the theme of the restaurant.  Well, except there are no real bunnies hopping around, but I really do admire how every corner and even the itty-bitty details are made cuter and whimsical in a way.  I personally love the cloud details and the bunny chairs.  I mean, come on!  Those chairs have bunny ears!  #cantgetanycuterthanthat  I felt like I was in a children's party.  HAHA!

Not to mention the starry ceiling!  Arrrghh!  I want that in my room!

 Before this post becomes an interior design review, let me show you the delightful treats!

Like I said, they also serve ice cream, but clearly not the type you'd see anywhere.  I forgot the other flavor names, but I assure you they're super interesting.

They also make macarons, named and shaped like a bunny.

For the cuppy-cakes, they have the regular chocolate, vanilla, red velvet ones, plus their version of banana-speculoos combo.

Can I eat all of those toppers???

I had to grab one for Jaela Bear and I picked Midnight Dream 'cause the kiddo loves chocolate.  Here's their cupcake take-out box.

Now, take a look at this one.  My Bear Cappucino!  

125 php

For every order of coffee, matcha or cocoa (I think it's for hot drinks only), you can have your latte art done!  Your choice of design or pattern too!  Just tell them what you would like to see on top of your drink.  Isn't that awesome?!

Of course, I had to pick bear!  But you can request something more complex like let's say, your favorite cartoon or superhero character.

285 php

For dessert, we had Skilletor, their mouthwatering skillet cookie with ice cream on top.

You can also choose other flavor for your ice cream, but I suggest going for one that's not too sweet because the cookie itself is sweet already.

As a cake studio, they also do custom-designed cakes.  They have a few on display, so check out their samples if you're interested.

We really enjoyed our little "bunny" experience!  Service was nice and the one dessert we tried didn't disappoint!  Coffee was good too!

I would love to visit again!  And surely that would be soon because I already made a promise to Jaela Bear that I'd bring her here. :)

What do you think?

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Address: Hemady Square, E.Rodriguez

your sweetest drug,

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