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by - April 26, 2015

Hey, beauties!  How was your weekend?  Mine has been very busy, action-packed and fun!  The past days have been truly memorable because well, first I got the chance to try surfing for the first time and I got to explore Baler with my dearest teammates.  It's my first trip this 2015 as well (looking forward to the next one soon!).  In case you're wondering why I was MIA for two days, that's because the internet connection there was almost non-existent.  Pft.  I realized there's no way I could do a Friday Flashback post.  Baler unplugged me from social media too, but I'm not complaining.  It even made the whole experience better.  Second, I attended an amazing blogger event earlier today.  I've shared a few photos on my IG already but of course, I will do share the full story in a little while.

Sooooo, this post is all about these surprisingly good and affordable lip liner pencils by L.A. Colors.

I bought these months ago when I was looking for a lip pencil for my makeup video, Gold and Bold. And since they're totally inexpensive, I grabbed three.  It's only 99 php!

You can find L.A. Colors in Landmark beauty section.

I picked the Auburn (reddish-brown), Pink Fleur (frosty pink) and Sable (natural brown).


There's no need to build the color up if you want to wear it alone because they're nicely pigmented. 


Auburn and Sable are matte ones, while Pink Fleur is frosty but not too glittery.


Pink Fleur looks nice on photos but in person, the finish is quite off.  It accentuates lip lines and feels really patchy.  As a lip liner, yea, it's okay but on it's own, it's a bit difficult to wear.  I sometimes use it as a highlighter on the bridge of my nose since the color is very light, almost colorless actually when blended.

This shade would be a perfect match with smokey eyes or for a cyber-ish, futuristic makeup look.

The other two has a creamy formula.  They feel exactly like regular lipsticks.  

All of them are slightly drying.  Make sure your lip balm is ready because it would be put to work every time you have these lip liners on.


They all glide on very smoothly except Pink Fleur.  Maybe because it's frosty?  Nonetheless, I love how easy they are to apply and to blend.


These lip pencils are deficient in lasting power.  It comes off easily after eating or drinking and sometimes settles in between the lip lines as well.

Here's how they looked like after rubbing it off with tissue once.

They don't leave stains too so do not expect that these would stay on all day if you're using it as your full on lip color.  However, when you use them underneath long-lasting lipsticks, longevity won't be a problem.

I reach out for Sable whenever I want a natural lip look.  I think it perfectly suits my skin tone. Auburn is the lip liner I normally use with my EM Cosmetics lipstick in Passion Berry or whenever I want to intensify dark, bold lips.  My least favorite is Pink Fleur though I'm utterly surprised that it looked soooo good on these photos!  Crazy!  HAHA!  I also use it with my MAC Bombshell from time to time.

Sable | Pink Fleur | Auburn

Overall, I recommend these for people who are not willing to spend a fortune for lip liners.  There are a handful of colors available locally so go ahead and hoard 'em.  Again, the only grumble I could think of is lasting power, but even so, I'm still satisfied.  I mean for its price, I don't think I'll throw it away.  In fact, these are good drugstore lip pencils.

Ooops, I forgot to mention that these are a bit longer than the NYX ones.  Good, right?  They also sell a retractable version so check that out if you hate sharpening.  :)

What do you think?

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