Sample Stash - The Face Shop Green Tea Toner and Lotion Kit

by - April 10, 2015

Happy Friday!!!

For this week's featured sample, I have here a green tea duo from The Face Shop.

The kit contains an emulsion and a toner and both are housed in small plastic containers.

The full-sized versions look like this.

The packaging and design kinda reminds me of Innisfree.  Hmmm?

People with dry to normal skin would really benefit from green tea-based products because the key ingredient is known to have high moisturizing properties.  

They don't have a tea-scent, just a slightly strong fragrance, which also disappears after a few seconds.

There's no tingling sensation when I apply the toner onto my skin.  It also doesn't leave a drying and tightening feeling which is good.  It's just light and hydrating at the same time.

The face lotion on the other hand is basically a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer.  It's okay but unfortunately, it gave me a pimple.  Sad.  I also noticed some itching around my cheeks whenever I use it.

So, that's that!  Just a short post to end the week.  Thanks again to Ate Chico for this gift!

Have an awesome weekend!!!

your sweetest drug,

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