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by - April 15, 2015

When I was still a skincare noob, I didn't care much about my facial cleansers.  I would just pick up whatever's inexpensive in the drugstore, usually the foamy ones and use it day and night.  I had no idea that some of them tend to over dry the skin and cause irritation too because of harsh ingredients.

I'm not saying that we all need to be finicky when choosing a face wash.  Personally, I think it's no-brainer at all.  For me, as long it cleanses the face well while still being gentle to the skin, it's great. Plus, it should not contain irritants and too much artificial fragrance.

Good thing, I got to try Dermax So Gentle Gel Cleanser because it marks off all the boxes in my face cleanser checklist!

420 php

The brand also offers two other cleansers, AcneX which doubles up as an exfoliator and SkinPrep which is commonly used in clinical procedures.

The one I have suits any skin type even sensitive skin because the formula is very gentle (as its name suggests).  Its main ingredients are:

  • soap berry - hypoallergenic, perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies, mainly used for cleaning
  • coco betaine - coconut derived foaming and cleansing agent, gentle cleanser
  • organic aloe vera extract - good moisturizer

I wash my face with this once a day, every morning only because I use my other cleanser at night.


I don't see it as a gel cleanser due to its watery consistency.  It's doesn't lather or foam as well like soap since there's no sodium sulfate in it.  It almost feels like liquid with a hint of lotion on skin, very silky and lightweight.  

Again, it's fragrance-free but I could smell coconuts whenever I apply it on my face.  I like it actually!  It rinses off easily as well, leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed.  No tightness!  It doesn't strip off skin's natural moisture.

The first few days I used it, it felt a little odd because I wasn't sure if it's really cleaning my face since there's no soapsuds whatsoever.  The texture also reminds me of baby wash and perhaps, that makes this product suitable for sensitive skin.  Almost all baby bath stuff are gentle, right?

Clean Up!

This is where So Gentle falls short.  It doesn't remove makeup very well.  Although, for me it's still a good cleanser.  

If you're wearing light to almost no makeup, it can still work.  But if you have a full face makeup or waterproof, long-wearing products on, make sure to double-cleanse!  You can use facial towelettes or makeup removers as the first step and then, wash your face with this baby.

Hmmm... what else?

Aside from people with oily/combination and sensitive skin, those with dry skin will possibly enjoy this cleanser as much since it retains skin moisture.

Another thing I love about So Gentle is the fact that it didn't irritate my skin or cause breakouts.  Oh yea!

You can buy this and other Dermax products at Skin Station branches.  Visit their website here for more details.  They do offer special promotions and discounts, so like them on Facebook too!

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