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by - May 15, 2015

Here are some of the things in my weekend to-do list.

1)  Go to the salon.  Chop off my hair.  Try a new hair color.
2)  Have a nice weekend QT with Kris (as per usual HAHA!).
3)  Hang out with friends and plan our Cebu trip.  Bring a tub of ice cream as they requested.
4)   Blog.
5)  Catch up with my fave TV series.
6)  Convince myself to get on the mat.  Workout.  
7)  Plan out a new blog video.
8)  Go to church.
9)  Meet my dentist.
10)  Rest.  (actually, I'm not really sure where to squeeze this in)

How about you?  What's your plan?  Going to the mall and having some retail therapy?  I bet it will be jampacked 'cause of the payday sale.  

Anyway, wishing you an awesome weekend! 

your sweetest drug,

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